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Interview with “Running Wild” Tom Williamson

Running wild tells the story of a young widow trying to save her ranch following her husband’s fatal car crash. She creates a convict rehabilitation program, working with a herd of wild horses that have wandered onto her property.  She did not anticipate the greed, bureaucracy and vanity that she must overcome to heal the convicts, the horses and ultimately herself.

 Running wild stars Sharon Stone (Casino, Basic Instinct), Tommy Flanagan (FX’s “Sons of Anarchy,” Gladiator), Jason Lewis (NBC’s “Midnight, Texas,” HBO’s “Sex and the City”), Dorian Brown Pham (FX’s “Wilfred,” Home Run), and Tom Williamson (Freeform’s “The Fosters,” All Cheerleaders Die).

The Hype Magazine had the opportunity to interview Tom Williamson who is known as AJ Hensdale in the ABC Family TV series “The Fosters.”

The Hype Magazine: How did you get involved with the film Running Wild?

Tom Williamson: One of the producers on the film, Christina Moore, watches a TV show that I’m on, “The Fosters”, and called me in based on the character I portray in the show.

The Hype Magazine: Tell me about the character you play.

Williamson: Debrickshaw is a good-hearted kid, emphasis on the word kid, who as a result of peer pressure and a very hostile environment, was forced to grow up very quickly and in the process, he made some choices that cost him his freedom.

The Hype Magazine: What do you love about this character?

Williamson: I love that Debrickshaw so much. The relationship he develops with his horse “Aces” was very personal to me because it touched on my real-life relationship with my dog growing up.

The Hype Magazine: What’s the biggest challenge in playing this character and how do you handle it?

Williamson: The biggest challenge of playing Debrickshaw was adopting the mindset of a prisoner, which I was able to explore psychologically when I looked at myself in the bathroom for 12 hours to get a feel for that type confinement. I only lasted 8 hours, and it was only a tiny taste of what being incarcerated must be like, but that experience greatly influenced my perception while filming and after.

The Hype Magazine: How is this character different from the other roles you had?

Williamson: This role was different because I’ve never played a prisoner before and like I said previously, the mental state that goes into that was new and challenging to me.

The Hype Magazine: What’s it like working with your cast mates?

Williamson: Working with the cast was a blast. The production team had already shot two movies together and were a family that welcomed us with loving arms.

The Hype Magazine: Who’s the funniest person in the cast in real life?

Williamson: Tommy Flanagan is without a doubt the funniest cast member. Great dude!

The Hype Magazine: Would you play any other character in the film? If so, who would it be?

Williamson: I feel like the role Jason (Lewis) played would have been interesting since he was juggling so many emotions internally throughout the film.

The Hype Magazine: What are your long-term goals in your acting career?

Williamson: My long-term acting goal is to be the greatest actor I can be on the stage and screen and be mentioned in the same breath as Denzel Washington, Daniel Day Lewis, and Viola Davis.


SP Releasing and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released Running Wild in select theaters and On Demand February 10, 2017. 



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