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Season Finale: Fox Television series ‘Shots Fired’ explores racial shootings

“Shots Fired,” a 10 hour event series airing exclusively on Fox television network examines the dangerous aftermath of two shootings in a small southern town. While the series dives into the occurrences of race in southern shootings, it really pushes viewers minds to take a more critical look at today’s criminal justice system.

Talents such as Mack Wilds, Sanaa Lathan, Will Patton and more all work together on the show bringing the series to life. In an exclusive interview, Marcus “Lil Marcus” Clae talked about his career in entertainment and his involvement in the Fox television series.

Talk to me about your experience taping this season of “Shots Fired?”

My experience filming was mind blowing. Everybody on set embraced me as a young actor and I’m forever grateful for that.

What is you favorite moment or experience from this season?

My favorite moment from this season was meeting the cast. It was dope interacting with other actors who are as polished as the individuals I got a chance to work with. I was able to soak up a lot of knowledge because of the cast.

How did you become a cast member for the show?

I sent my audition in for the role and they called me back within the next 24 hours. I was really happy to have been called back so quickly.

As a key ambassador for the youth, what’s your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality?

What I represent is powerful, and the message in the show is just as powerful. I think it’s very important to stay aware about what’s going on in the world, and the Black Lives Matter movement is a good way of doing so. I’m just happy I was able to be a part of keeping people’s attention to something this important.

Have you always been acting, is this something you dreamed about doing?

I’ve always had the desire to act, but I never took it serious like I do now. It wasn’t a dream, it was more like something I knew I would do one day.

Since today is the day that the last show is airing, will there be a next season? If not, where do you want to go from here?

Who knows. As of right now, I can say it’s looking pretty good for another season to come forth. I really want a lead role as the show continues to grow and develop. If I could be in a major movie role, or in a Blockbuster film one day, or even write and create my own films, that would be ideal.

I hear that you are also an artist. Talk to me about the kind of music you make, and some of your musical endeavors.

 I try to make music that relates to everybody. My biggest endeavor is to become one of the most mentioned artists of my time, and to make sure I stay original.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I am influenced by lifetime artists like Tupac, Jay Z, Nas, Andre 3000, Scarface, and Biggie to name a few.

What inspired you to create music? What drives you?

My life inspires me. I take situations in life and implement them in my music. I drive myself, and I try to always motivate myself as much as possible. My inspirations keep me going and keep me creating.

Have you faced any challenges at all as you pursued your career as an entertainer? What were they? How did you surpass them?

Of course. My hardest challenge was reaching a more adult audience, and getting them to accept me. I surpassed it by staying true to myself and never straying away from my originality.

After all that you’ve done so far in your career, where do you want to end up, what is your main goal?

I want to end up being one the greatest artists and leaders of my time. My main goal is stay original in the long haul.

Where can everyone keep up with you at?

All my social media accounts are @marqusclae and I am currently on Instagram and Twitter.

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