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Published on July 17th, 2017 | by Guest Contributor


A New Era of Musical Fashion with Eva and Nigel Barker

Why is the upcoming fashion week in New York so crucial to the success of musical artists in 2017?

By Greg Cayea

Well, fashion and music have always complimented each other, and now, thanks to Instagram (and other image-driven social media platforms), the combo has never been more collaborative on a mass scale. Sure, we’re all used to seeing which mega pop star is wearing what, but now the people elect the celebrities on their own, by liking and commenting on videos and photos. So, what they’re wearing in those photos, no matter who they are or what their craft is, will be a pinnacle to success…

All Instagram roads now seem to point towards fashion and beauty and wellness, which makes Fashion Week extremely important. If you’ve got a social following, especially if you’re a musician, digitally linking up with designers and clothing lines has never been more lucrative; and to so many artists. Let’s face it, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want if you’ve got millions of people staring at the photos and videos you’re posting all day long. And it’s not only the cast of the latest Disney movie or whoever was in last week’s issue of Us Weekly that have the attention of the world on social media, it’s anybody with a strong voice. And with a strong voice, there needs to be a strong look… It’s the perfect place for a musician or any other artist to share their voice with the world, and with that voice comes a ‘what should I wear for this post?’ That’s where the fashion and beauty industries step in.

What better way for rising designers and well-established moguls to broaden their customer-base than by teaming up with well-followed musicians (or any other artist) that not only want to wear that brand, but need an outfit that fits their style and resonates with their music. Remember, it’s the people who choose the celebrities nowadays, not the movie studios or record companies. So, there’s no rules. There’s nobody telling anybody what can and cannot be done, and because of that, the partnerships have diversified.

Nigel Barker is best known as being a TV personality and judge on America’s Next Top Model for seventeen seasons, which is why he boasts nearly a million social media followers, but his talent stretches past the modeling industry. He recently teamed up with rising pop-punk-dance sensation EVA to create a new look for her latest single, Bad For Us. After her last chart-topping single,Trapped, got the attention of the world, her brand became known as ‘sexy but relatable’ and left a deep mark throughout the industry, and specifically, with women around the planet.

Fashion Week has never been such a groundbreaking stage for the next generation of rising celebrities as it is today. More and more sponsorships have come to fruition than ever before and has only given more room for the sharing-community to grow. Today, Fashion Week is the awards show for all the ongoing fashion/ music sponsorships throughout the year and an entirely different stage full of new audiences to dig the music of so many more artists than ever before.

As for the new EVA look, you’ve gotta wonder… What does a badass, according to Nigel Barker, look like? Well, it’s a very different look than you’ve seen in the past. Here’s what they put together…

Eva (Photo Credit: Nigel Barker)

Eva (Photo Credit: Nigel Barker)




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