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Published on September 3rd, 2017 | by Keith McNeil


Dylan Dili “Dip So” (feat. Nefatari)

Dylan Dili “Dip So” (feat. Nefatari)is 1 out of 13 tracks off of his new album “Pain 2 Power.”

Caribbean Hip Hop Artist, Dylan Dili releases his new album “Pain 2 Power.” Dili traveled back to the Caribbean to record the majority of this album. Completion of the album took place in his studio “1Stop Media” in New York. Pain 2 Power has been submitted to the Grammy Recording Academy and is currently in consideration for a Grammy in the reggae genre. There are twelve tracks on the album which show a musical maturity and growth from an artist who was thrown into fame at an early age. This solo album shows Dili’s vulnerable side and describes detailed life experiences. Pain 2 Power shows the struggles of life that we encounter on a day to day basis. As the album progresses it also depicts the joy, fun and power of life that we experience through the dancehall tracks. Pain 2 Power is a monumental album that allows listeners to relate to the ups and downs of the artist through his journey called life.

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