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Celebrities Who are Obsessed with Fast RC Cars

Story by James Ronal

They are glamorous and charming, and they smile at us from billboards, posters, and the TV screen. Our celebrities have amazing hobbies such as cooking exotic foods, traveling, volunteering, and so on. But did you know that some of them are a little bit geeky?

There are celebrities out there who love a good old RC race and are not afraid to show it! Even more, some have impressive collections that would send any passionate in RC heaven in an instant.

Today, I’ll talk about celebrities all over the world who love remote controlled cars and like a bit of power under their plastic hoods.

Celebrities RC Cars

Celebrities RC Cars


The industrial metal band from LA is well-known all over America with hits such as ‘Push it’ or ‘The Only’. The band formed in 1994 and their discography is impressive for the genre. They are also quite constant in keeping the bad together which is a unique feature for bands that become so popular.

The members are fervent fans of RC cars and racing, and they like talking about this whenever they get the chance. Even more, they own a collection of both RC cars and real cars.

Paul Jr. and Mikey from Orange County Chopper

If you’ve followed the show, then you probably know that besides motorcycles, Paul Jr. and Mikey also like RC cars. Of course, their main passion is improving on current models and making them faster for more excitement during the race.

After all, what can you expect from guys who spend their days putting together high-end motorcycles?

Billy Blanks

Billy Blanks is one of those people who managed to succeed against all odds. He was born with a hip anomaly that impaired his movements and led to a childhood of teasing and bullying from people who didn’t understand his condition.

Still, he had the determination and courage to fight everyone’s negative opinion and today he is famous as a fitness guru, actor, and martial artist. But one of the most important achievements of his life is the Tae Bo exercise program.

On his free time, Billy Banks is an avid RC fan, with a huge collection of cars. His favorite models are fast, on road 1/10 scale cars.

Ben Wallace

He is a retired basketball player who charmed NBA fans with his amazing talents. If you don’t know him, you should know he won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award four times and showed up in two NBA finals.

He was (and still is) very communicative and likes to share thoughts and ideas regarding his hobbies (among which RC racing is on top). As an avid collector, Chris likes to race against the best in the field but he also appreciates the openness of the RC world where everyone is ready to help.

His passion started with the first year of playing pro and, ever since, he managed to collect over 150 RC cars. Many are advanced models, and the cars range from racing to trucks.

Tony Stewart

Yes, he is a former NASCAR driver and his main hobby is driving RC cars! How cool is this? According to John from RC Rank – reviews, Tony Stewart also owns his own company that sells remote car kits, accessories, and parts for drivers who want to improve the basic designs you can find in stores.

Of course, he likes to race and his favorites are fast remote controlled vehicles – you can even find several videos online with Tony Stewart racing other famous players.

Chris Whitney

Even though he is retired now, Chris Whitney is still a legend and a celebrity in the world of football. He played 11 seasons in the NBA and finished his career covered in glory. Today, he is helping other players develop their own careers at the Charlotte Hornets and enjoys his hobbies.

He is also a huge RC fan and, following this passion, he became the CEO and owner of the 301 Raceway.

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