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Published on October 19th, 2017 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Five Questions With Nick Hissom


As you see yourself, who is Nick Hissom?

I’m a very passionate and enthusiastic person. I care a lot about my music, I love my friends and my family. I try to create art in order to connect with people and inspire them. I love what I do, I live each day to the fullest. I’m young and pretty chill, but can also get mad lit. And that’s pretty much who I am :)Tell us about your current project?

Tell us about your current project?

The current EP is a rhythmic pop project, I’m really excited about it. I’ve been working with Scott Storch, Bryson Tiller, Rick Ross, Steve Morales, Mario, um, the list goes on, it’s pretty crazy! I’m really humbled and happy to be working with these artists that I’ve looked up to my whole life and grew up listening to. The new project will be out in 2018, and right now the first single just dropped and we’re at 1 million streams!!! it’s called ‘He Ain’t Better’. Go check it out on Spotify and Apple Music!!

What’s on your bucket list to accomplish as an entertainer?

Ah… this is a crazy one. I don’t really believe in setting limits to your goals as a person in any aspect of your life, so as an entertainer I’m aiming to be the biggest I can be. I would love to win a Grammy, I’d love to do the Super Bowl, I’d love to do so many things. Everything I do, whether it’s big or small, I have a blast doing it, and so, really my goal is just to keep doing this and keep doing what I love. It all goes back to the music for me.

Will you be finishing out 2017 on the road or what’s on your horizon for 2018?

I’ll spend most of 2017 promoting my single ‘He Ain’t Better’. We’re going to radio this fall, I have a bunch of shows, and even some festivals lined up. But I won’t be on my own tour until February 2018. It’s going to be a 3-month college tour all across the US, and I’m so excited, it’s my first ever proper tour!! I can’t wait to get out there and share this music with everybody. It’s been so long in the making, and performing, for me, is the best part of being an artist. So I’m mad excited to see everyone on the road in 2018, and you’ll be hearing ‘He Ain’t Better’ on the radio soon!!!

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?! Or “WTF?!” moment thus far in your career?

Alright, the craziest WTF moment of my career was: uh…, I was shooting the music video for a song that I have on the EP called ‘Tie Me Up’. And I actually did get tied up, and suspended from the ceiling, and, a little beaten up for it and stuff, in real life, it was too real everyone was so into it haha. And… the whole thing was just a crazy experience for me, and after it was all over I was pretty stunned thinking ‘wtf just happened.. haha’. It was fun, kinda wild though, but I hope it was all worth it and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. But definitely, know that everything you’re seeing is real, we really did that haha!!

Thanks so much for having me Hype Magazine, and love to everybody out there reading this!! Hope y’all love the music, hit me up on IG if you vibe!! @nickhissom




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