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Published on November 21st, 2017 | by Darren Paltrowitz


Ocean Park Standoff’s Samantha Ronson, Ethan Thompson & Pete Nappi On Their Next EP And Favorite 2017 Albums

Although she is a world-famous DJ, Samantha Ronson’s musical aspirations go back well before her success behind the turntables. Prior to her becoming the first rock act signed to Roc-A-Fella Records, Ronson had a very musical upbringing alongside brother Mark — now a top producer — and stepfather Mick Jones. In 2016, the New York University alumnus announced the formation of the band Ocean Park Standoff alongside fellow songwriters Pete Nappi and Ethan Thompson. Back in February 2017, Ocean Park Standoff released its debut EP earlier this year on March 3, and first single “Good News” reached number 13 on the Adult Pop Songs chart of Billboard.

As confirmed during my Q&A with Ronson, Thompson and Nappi for The Hype Magazine, there is a second release currently in the works from Ocean Park Standoff. While the trio does not have any touring plans announced as of this interview’s publishing — over the summer, the group went on a cross-country United States tour with Third Eye Blind and the Silversun Pickups — the members of Ocean Park Standoff also remain busy with musical projects outside of the band. More on Ocean Park Standoff can be found online at

How would you describe Ocean Park Standoff to someone who hasn’t heard the band before?

Samantha Ronson: The slamming together of three souls who love a slew of genres.

Is there an Ocean Park Standoff song you feel best represents the band? Or makes the best first impression?

Samantha Ronson: Absolutely, coming out on our next EP, the songs are even more genre-mixed than before. Keep an ear out for it!

What was the first song you wrote as a band?

Samantha Ronson: “Lost Boys” — a song about kicking back and forgetting about the stresses of the world until tomorrow.

I’ve read that you three met at a songwriting session. Was this at a songwriter camp? Or writing for a particular artist?

Ethan Thompson: Pete and Samantha got put in a session for another artist and dug each other’s vibe. After having a couple jam sessions just the two of them they brought in me (Ethan) and we started writing songs for no artist. We just wanted to write songs that expressed our stories and where we were in life.

Did anything come out of that initial songwriting session?

Samantha Ronson: Yes, “Lost Boys,” which made it on our first self-titled EP and seems to be a crowd favorite recently. People really let loose when we play it along with the set.

So there is a followup to your self-titled EP already in the works? Any touring planned?

Samantha Ronson: Absolutely! We already play the next EP at our shows and are in the studio writing for the rest of the year. As far as touring goes, we paused for the rest of the year to focus on the music. We are doing some weekend shows but new music is what we have our sights on right now.

When not busy with work, how do you like to spend your free time?

Ethan Thompson: We pretty much are always creating in our free time. If not creating I love being outside in some woods, lakes or ocean. Pete longboards and travels. Samantha DJs, hangs with her pups, Thunder and Cadillac, or is over at Beats 1. Of course we all go to shows of artists, new and old, as well!

Sam, did you get to see any of the Foreigner shows with Lou Gramm this summer?

Samantha Ronson: Ugh. I’m so bummed I missed them all. Unless watching family Instagram stories counts.

Do you have any projects going on outside of Ocean Park Standoff?

Ethan Thompson: Currently we are all eyes on Ocean Park Standoff. But if we hit an offseason, Pete produces other artists, and I’d either be writing for artists or for my own indie/folk/pop sounds.

What has been your favorite album of 2017?

Samantha Ronson: Lady Gaga’s Joanne and Jay-Z’s 4:44.

Pete Nappi: Imagine Dragons’ Evolve.

Ethan Thompson: Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Samantha Ronson: Chase what you love and don’t let them tell you otherwise. Make the path you want to be on.

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