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Published on January 2nd, 2018 | by Jason Bourne


Hype Style: Checkmate Apparel launches Spring 2018 commercial


Founded on their efficiency in playing what they understand to be the game of life, Tone G and Mrs. G have launched the Checkmate Apparel Company. A fashion brand that serves as an extension of Check Mate LLC, Checkmate Apparel has identified a demographic of individuals who are faced with everyday decisions which at times have overwhelming consequences. Understanding the double-sided coin of choices, these individuals take pride in their wherewithal, never acting out of emotion or lack of intelligence.


“We want to inspire the world; giving people confidence is our number one priority. We are all faced with decisions every day, some of which are crucial to our existence. We embrace those who bask in opportunity and win, by playing chess. Hence, our moniker- Checkmate.”

– Tone G


The only way to “Check Mate” is by strategizing your moves. Their signature quote for many years, “Checkmate” became a celebration of accomplishment and a rally for comradery. Within opportunity results a step forward in the direction of achievement. Deciding 2 years ago, to put their moniker on snapbacks and tees, the response spawned the interest in creating an entire empire. Being featured in many of today’s renowned publications has supplemented a growing buzz. Ambassadors for the brand include Chi Boogie of HDTV, Uzi Masalino, and Fred Man Sam.


“Our ultimate goal is to be known worldwide for our authentic designs and idea, all while we inspire everyone to strike life with force, to never feel defeated and to always conquer.”

– Mrs. G

To date promotion of the brand has included distribution of tee’s and caps to potential consumers at concerts, street fairs, carnivals and more in addition to gifting aspiring music artists and media personalities.


Watch the commercial.


For More Visit: www.originalcheckmate.com







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