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St. Kitts Music Festival lineup brings an immediate groundswell of excitement from global music fans

The 2018 St. Kitts Music Festival boasts a scintillating lineup of world-renowned international superstars this year…With American based stars, Fetty Wap, August Alsina, Ms. Lauryn Hill and the legendary Patti Labelle, alongside the essential sounds of the Caribbean from which much of modern music owes homage, there is something on this roster for music lovers of all types.

Here’s the official line on fan excitement and comments just days after the official full lineup announcement by Festival Official (Stay updated with new announcements and promotions on MyVueNews.com as well as here on TheHypeMagazine.com)

The 2018 St. Kitts Music Festival is likely to be one of the best crowd pleasers if the reaction to the roster of artists is anything by which we can judge.

Social media has been buzzing since the release of the entire roster of artists who will appear during the 27th June to 1st July festival.

Here are some of the hundreds of comments posted on the St. Kitts Music Festival Facebook page:

• Line up sexy!

• Thank you! @st.kittsMusicFestival for making sure I’ll have a fun and memorable Birthday!

• We are going the Thursday night for sure.

• Siiiiiisssssssss – we need a season VIP pass.

• One of the best lineups I have seen in years…..Good job to all involved.

• Wow wow wow!

• Oh, my gawd Fetty Wap #Yea Baby.

• I think August Alsina should have been on Saturday, but I’m definitely going to see him, ain’t mind seeing Fetty Wap, but August Alsina, that’s a big artist there. I think the two should have been on the same day to bring the hype. Chavez Rog-ers you did know we got to see August Alsina and Fetty wap bro.

• Yeahhhhhh Patti Labelle

• Friday night looking great!

• Destra is awesome!

• Are we really missing this???

And everyone that MyVueNews.com has spoken to believes the line-up is exciting, but there were some artists that got the extra nod of appeal at this early stage.

For example, New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap is clearly a favorite among the young people. From his 2014 global hit single ‘Trap Queen’ to his more contemporary tunes, Fetty Wap is likely to have his fans singing along with him at Warner Park.

Then there is August Alsina, a New Orleans singer and songwriter, who brings the heart of his personal experiences to his music, and his style of sung and rap lyrics will appeal to a mixed audience.

For the not so young generation, the appeal of Patti Labelle is high. They want to see her perform. Her music had been popular in the region at the height of her recording career, and she is remembered for her many hits. With that powerful voice and vibrant stage personality, she is going to be a hit.

Then there is Destra. No one I know doesn’t want to see her. She brings to the stage high energy performances, spectator involvement, good times, satisfaction and hit after hit of her soca collection. Take an energy drink with you.

And there is some curiosity about Ishawna. Her ‘Equal Rights’ video is turn-ing many heads. This young Jamaican singer makes an impression. She is relentless in her performances and can move an audience. So, she has strong appeal as far as we can tell.

Another exciting act is Wayne Wonder, who fuses Reggae and R&B to create his own intoxicating sound, now with infusions of hip hop and rap, he is well known in these parts. With hits like ‘Let me Love You Tonight,’ ‘Caught Up,’ ‘Bounce Along’ and ‘No Letting Go,’ Wayne Wonder will bring back memories.

And there are other acts that are building interest among local fans. Ms. Lauryn Hill, Dejour, Spice, the NuVybes Band and Small Axe Fusion, KES The Band, as well as Nailah Blackman, all commanding and known for their top quality performances.

In short, the 2018 St. Kitts Music Festival is going to sizzle – no hype intended.




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