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Published on April 29th, 2018 | by Valerie Victor


Choppa Zoe makes an Impact on Music and Lifestyle

The recent release of  rapper, Choppa Zoe’s, “Athlete” not only motovates listeners but gets them Hype. While Choppa has a lengthy portfolio of both rapping and acting experience, he is a major health and wellness influencer. Having lost over 140 pounds, Choppa explains how fitness is a part of his everyday life when he says, “I had to go hard, and I didnt give up on myself.” Finding time for consistent workouts, recording, and rehearsing roles between acting bookings, Choppa pushes himself. The young rapstar explains that he is going aboout his career in music and entertainment with that same tenacity; like an athlete.

Working with major artists throughout New York City, the Florida native MC caught the eye of music icon, Wycleff Jean. Choppa landed a feature placement on Jean’s album, “April Showers” in 2013. Aside from the DJ’s placing his music on mainstream radio in New York City, Choppa secured a major role in the popular web series, “Money and Violence.” The series quickly generated 23 million views and landed a lucrative deal with Jay Z’s streaming company, “TIDAL.” The series additionally landed a deal with “Lionsgate,” a major film distribution company.

Stream “Athlete” below.

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