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Published on April 5th, 2018 | by SaintMichael


New Black Owner Wanted For Ancient African Manuscripts

Humanity’s Hope for Healing is a Non-Profit organization founded by High Priest Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau, 50. He was the first american born brother to initiate 16 native boys into the Priesthood on the grounds of Nigeria. Himself being initiated as a High Priest, he was bestowed ancient manuscripts as a graduation gift many years ago.

The story behind the origin of these manuscripts will be presented at the National Circle’s Treaties of Peace Assembly. The High Priest is looking for a new black owner to be custodian of these sacred writings. $2.2 Million or best offer is the Custodian Fee. Interested custodians may contact the National Circle at [email protected] or call the National Circle at (770)-375-7277. The Transfer of custodianship document will be signed at the National Circle Non Profit Launch event, being Hosted by the High Priest Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau.

The National Circle is a mediation organization who’s main focus is to facilitate the formation of black business partnerships. The event will be attended by Ambassador Prince Michael, Qadree El-Amin who managed the Music Icon King Michael Jackson, Linda P. Smith from BuyTheBlock.com, Dr. Stacee Lang & Andrew Buoyae from Lang Capital Group, Imam Chad A. Akbar of Akbar Enterprise & Associates, the Aboriginal Title Owner of Fulton County, Skaykamaxum Republic Empire, High Priest Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau, Owner of the Manuscripts and other great brothers and sisters.

Proceeds will benefit Humanity’s Hope for Healing, the National Circle. If a qualified buyer is not selected by the date of the first assembly, the manuscripts may be auctioned to the assembly of qualified African American buyers with the means to pay for the custodianship. “We’re excited to meet a buyer who supports the notion of keeping the scripts black owned which will be apart of the transfer of custodianship agreement.” says the Treaties of Peace Organizers.

High Priest Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau can be seen the video wearing a white shirt and black gloves as he lifts the ancient pages, impressively written on both sides of the African paperwork from the Sages of West Africa. Using an ancient African mindset, I’d say this is clearly a powerful sign that the spiritual planes are aligned for our people to stride forward. This is a sure sign of the times we’re in.

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