Interviews PICTURED: Ludacris (PHOTO by: Michael Simon/

Published on May 9th, 2018 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Exclusive: Ludacris Talks Fitness and Music, the next ‘Fast and Furious’ and more

PICTURED: Ludacris (PHOTO by: Michael Simon/

PICTURED: Ludacris (PHOTO by: Michael Simon/

Los Angeles was fitness crazy Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6 for the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival as music and fitness came together for a unique collab with superstar music icon Ludacris and an amazing lineup of celebrity instructors and fitness enthusiasts.

Workout playlists and insane trainers are all part and parcel of elite athletes’ regimens of all walks, but putting it all together, a workout with live performances from some of today’s top artists is a completely new spin that’s growing rapidly. My first experience with this was when Steve Aoki joined with Zumba as record release platform last year prior to his current world tour.

Here’s the official line on the LA series which happened over this past weekend

Hitting LA on May 5th and 6th  for the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival Tour were rapper Ludacris, singer-songwriter Daya, hit-makers Icona Pop, as well as the artist-up-next Yuna.

Singer-songwriter Daya is the 19-year-old behind the hit “Sit Still, Look Pretty” and her GRAMMY-winning Chainsmokers feature. One of the hottest artists to watch right now, Daya performed live at the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival Tour on Saturday, May 5th, during a workout hosted by modelFIT.

Multi-platinum selling Swedish outfit Icona Pop, the indie-pop duo behind the smash hits “I Love It” and “All Night” performed at the festival as well during a workout hosted by Gideon Akande.

The up and coming Malaysian artist Yuna, who rose to prominence with her hit Usher collaboration “Crush,” performed Sunday, May 6, during a workout hosted by Playlist Yoga.

The Hype Magazine got Ludacris to weigh in on a few things after his performance this past Sunday, May 6:

The Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival Tour is an expansion of the exercise and music collaboration movement, what’s your take on this wave and where do you see it expanding opportunities for creators?

I love anything innovative and I admitted on stage tonight that this ask was a little weird at first because it’s so new. But if you don’t embrace the new, you become your own worst enemy. I really think this is something that can take off because of the synergies between music and fitness. Obviously, everyone dances out to music and I read something somewhere that the right music can increase your workout up to like 12% or something like that. So I think what Propel is doing with this Co: Lab Fitness Festival is a good idea.

Did you have any extra excitement about being a part of this festival?

Like I said on stage tonight, I didn’t really get it at first. But being here tonight and performing while Nicole Winhoffer taught something like 200 people her NW Method. It was dope, man.

You deliver powerful and energetic live performances, what keeps you in tip-top shape and what might we see on your workout playlist?

I work out six days a week with two different trainers. So one is like a weight trainer and the other is kind of martial arts. So I stay in shape and I try to eat healthy – keyword “try.” There you have it. As for my playlist, man, anything. I listen to all different genres of music. You know, anything from hip hop, rock, and roll…obviously, I try not to listen to too much slow stuff when I’m working out. But anything that gets me pumped. EDM, you know, just energetic and fast tempo type. Or pop. Anything.

What did it mean to collaborate with Carrie Underwood, the face of Sunday Night Football for the Super Bowl halftime opener?

Aw, it was dope man. I think she’s a great artist and it was just fun to be a part of that. And I think Champion is almost Gold at this point so I’m glad that everybody’s receiving it so well.

Tell us about Ludacris outside of music, what’s got you on the move outside of the industry?

Man, I’m always, you know, continuin’ the Hollywood career. From what I understand we’re supposed to be shooting another Fast come March of next year and hopefully, it’ll come out in 2020. I’ve got a lot of different television projects, you know, along with Fear Factor and some independent movies. I’m just staying full in entertainment, constantly staying busy.

Do you have any remaining places on your bucket list you’d like to play? What about unrealized collabs?

I haven’t been to Russia yet. That’s one of the places I’m wanting to go. And New Zealand. We had a chance to go there but we never did. So those two places I want to go. For collaboration, yeah, I’d like to do something with Dr. Dre and even Eminem … I haven’t had a chance to work with either of them. We were supposed to but it never came to fruition. So one day … hopefully.

What is the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival?

The Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival Tour is an integration of the best and most innovative instructors and studios from around the country. Featuring more workouts and classes than ever before – along with exciting musical performances. The brand is partnering with more than 40 instructors and studios, spanning fitness tribes from boxing to barre and yoga to strength training. It also will feature discussions with the country’s best trainers and industry influencers. In addition to workouts, guests can expect to enjoy curated local food and beverage and wellness partners along with live performances from top musicians and DJs. The dynamic festival experience will be in LA (May 5-6), Miami (June 2), New York (July 14) and Chicago (August 11) this year.

Last but not least, The Hype Magazine wants to know what’s been your craziest “Where they do that at?!” or wtf?! moments thus far in your long and illustrious career?

Ha, ha. This Propel Co:Labs Fitness was a wtf?! moment for me until I got here and realized it was great!

Here are a few more looks at the super exciting fitness festival:


Photos: Michael Simon/

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