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Published on July 30th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Sinsation-the-Writer – B-IGGA

In 2016 Orlando, FL native Sinsation-the-Writer, born Antonio Cannady, father was murdered with an ax in broad daylight in a public park over an argument regarding a six-pack of beer and a lottery ticket. With the assailant now behind bars, this tragedy provided further motivation for the man who would become Sinsation-the-Writer to live out his dream to be more than just a cattle butcher in Fort Morgan, CO. Though he has been estranged from his father for most of his life, his horrific death prompted the recording artist and screenwriter to drop everything and head to Los Angeles to do what he was born to do, starting with the release of the debut single “B-IGGA”.

Sinsation states: “I was working in a slaughterhouse in Fort Morgan, Colorado five months ago when I told my supervisor I was going to the restroom, but instead I walked out, loaded a duffle bag in my trunk and headed to Los Angeles leaving behind nineteen-dollars an hour and complete job security.” With the release of his debut single “B-IGGA” coming August 31st,2018, Sinsation-the-Writer has some things to address on his forthcoming album “Fade In Fade Out”. “B-IGGA”, which stands for: Black man with street nigga tendencies, happens to be a catchy club banger littered with true statements related to his drugged fueled past, the worse kinds of haters and the loneliness that comes with actively pursuing your dream.

Produced by PheelthaBeat, mix and mastered by Miami celebrity engineer Vinny D., whose clients include: The Weeknd, French Montana and Playboi Carti, comments: “B-IGGA encompasses dope vibes.”

We are experiencing uncertain times right now and the only thing most of us have left is our dream of being more than what we are. With souls being wiped from the planet in the blink of an eye, it’s imperative now more than ever that we put whatever fear we have caged inside and go for “IT”.

It’s cliché’ but tomorrow isn’t promised, you have to go for what’s in your heart and damn the rest. Sinsation-the-Writer life had its share of tumultuous downs. His last encounter with his mother (nearly five years ago) ended with him calling the cops after she went after him with a butcher’s knife. On the seven-track album (Fade In Fade Out) he will dive into the good, not so good and the worse of his journey to become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Since his arrival in L.A., he’s already begun taking meetings with management/production companies after writing the TV pilot “The Promoters” and has worked on six indie film productions in various capacities.

L.A DJ’s have already pledged their support of what is prone to be the summers next hit.

Sinsation also states: “It’s amazing. One minute I’m butchering cowhide with laser-like precision, the next I’m in a recording studio and taking meetings with well-regarded literary managers about a script I wrote during a very dark time”. Sinsation-the-Writer story is more than a single, it’s about going after your passion no matter what your situation. We all know life is hard, but it’s how we react to the setbacks that make all the difference.

“B-IGGA” will be released online everywhere August 31st, 2018

Visit the private Soundcloud link to listen:

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