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Nick Gray Teams Up With K Camp on “Jugglin (For Nothin?) Remix”

Boston’s Nick Gray surprised fans last week when he released his “Jugglin (For Nothin?) Remix” featuring K Camp. Camp hops on the already popular track, giving his signature Atlanta charm with a verse that’s playful and just as flexin’ as the original. After a bit of hiatus in 2017, Nick is excited to be releasing new music this summer – like his recent singles “Morse Code (feat. Bouvé)” and “Dark Days.”

Nick Gray also announced he’ll be going on his first nationwide tour with alternative rock band Waterparks this November. Starting in Lake Park, FL, they’ll be hitting 22 cities like Denver, Cleveland, Pomona, and more throughout the month long tour.

The “Jugglin (For Nothin?) Remix” is a huge look for the up and coming rapper, and we’re excited to see what he shows up with next. Hear a little bit more from Nick Gray below on his upcoming tour with Waterparks and what it was like working with K Camp.

Tell us a little more about your new “Jugglin (For Nothin?) Remix ft. K Camp.” How was it working with K Camp?

K Camp was super easy to work with. After he said he liked the track we sent him over everything he needed and he handled his business. Smooth process and a dope track.

You also just released “Morse Code” with Bouvé. Are there any more collaborations in the works?

I’m always open to collaborate if someone sends over a dope track or I make one and hear a specific artist on it. But as of right now I’m just working on my own catalogue.

You’re going on tour with Waterparks in November. How are you feeling about your first tour? Any cities you’re  particularly excited to perform in?

I have a constant nervous excitement about it. It’s one of the best feelings in life. I’ve never been to 90% of the cities on the list so it’ll just be cool to see the country. But I’m hyped to end in Texas because I’ve always wanted some real Texas BBQ hahaha

What’s the hip hop scene like in Boston? Is it important to you to put on for your hometown?

The hip hop scene’s cool. I’ve been around since it really started to grow with all the new artists popping out today. It’s pretty small so pretty much everyone in it is friends or at least acquainted with each other. I love Boston as a city and it’s where I came up so I’ll always put on for it.

What else is in store for Nick Gray this year?

A bunch of new music and funny IG stories. Whatever else happens I’ll be surprised by too.

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