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Published on October 16th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


BHuman Stun On – Safe

NYC electronic duo BHuman have released an absorbing new single that hits deep with it’s strikingly affecting lyrics. “Safe” is an emotional journey through melodic hooks, intimately hushed vocals, chillstep beats and chiming synth tones. Sexuality, gender and self-love are woven throughout BHuman’s music and Safe” is a distilled statement of the band’s emotional development. In particular the lyrical hook is a powerful statement to Billie’s journey towards self-acceptance and understanding as a transgender woman.

“I can see, finally. I am safe, I waited so long, I am safe, and nothing is wrong.”
BHuman’s Billie Lloyd on “Safe”:
“In a time when trans women often experience daily violence by their lovers, I wanted to represent the other side of that, a feeling of safety and freedom with a lover who truly accepts you and sees you as you are”

“Safe” is the follow up to “2Different” and continues the process of carefully unveiling BHuman‘s musical vision.

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