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Published on October 30th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Fabich Releases New Single Embracing Sexual Expression: Talk to Me

Fabich is a London based producer who revels in story-based songs that hold addictive and satisfying grooves. This music addict has previously made music at Bob Marley’s house, and achieved US chart success as a producer for platinum-selling R&B and soul singer-songwriter Lyfe Jennings and Missy Elliott collaborator, Trina. Now, Fabich works with familiar funk and soul infusionist Jafunk to create an altruistically sexual new single, Talk To Me.

Always keen to weave his tale to the masses, Fabich’s big move to London inspired him early in his career. Taken back by the wealth of creativity around him, Fabich was cemented as 2017’s electronic artist to look out for with Hold On. Working with impressive up and coming talent, Fabich saw success with Back To Life, and segments of intimate explorations with unique take on relationships around him for the Friend’s Story EP.

Comfortably at the side of solid musician Jafunk, this pair find solace in their love for groove led rhythms and the funkiest of bass lines. Looking up to greats like Disclosure, Detroit Swindle, Kartell and FKJ, Jafunk crafted his own sound within previous releases Drop Your Love and Chasing Forever. Having worked together on Why Would You and This Love is for Real among others, Talk To Me is another musical gem that explores their reinvention of musical story telling.

Joined by seductive vocals from LISKA, an Irish singer songwriter that’s influenced by her Scandinavian and Celtic roots. Calling upon wide variety of artists, from Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell, LISKA’s style delves comfortable into another worldly realm full of timeless vocals, dreamlike harmonies, and constantly engaging poetic lyricism.

“You know that I love creating stories when I’m making a song. One day in session with Liska & Jafunk, we start talking about our personal experiences. The vibe in the studio was amazing and one of us came up with one of the sexual experiences they’d had few weeks ago. It was about having sex but in a really free way! It’s never easy to let yourself go with someone but once you try it, the feeling is amazing” – FABICH

New release Talk To Me draws upon the Fabich’s observations on the sexualization of this world. Promoting freedom of speech, this is an unashamedly sensual song that whispers tales of selfish enjoyment in a refreshingly confident way. Fabich’s never ending energy for reinventing himself and his take on the world, shows him shedding regret and embarrassment, for an assertive and proud take on 2018’s prude view of its sexual reams.

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