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Published on October 29th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Gangster Rapper Kearney Ganng Showcases His Passion for Ganja In New Music Video “Ganngrene”

Brooklyn-based “Ganngster” rapper Kearney Ganng releases colorful, trippy, new video for his song “Ganngrene.” A reference to both his stage name and the ailment gangrene in a clever play on words, the track is all about Kearney Ganng’s gangster lifestyle. Kearney Ganng dances like nobody is watching, proclaiming both his industry clout and his love for weed.

His appreciation for the herb is apparent from the start when he lovingly strokes a large bag of cannabis leaves. Strange camera effects create a stop-motion feel and morph Kearney Ganng’s face, creating a psychedelic feel. Smoke in the room and plants growing up the walls create a post-apocalyptic universe in which Kearney Ganng shoots hoops, works at a deli, walks the streets, or smokes marijuana.

Kearney Ganng, born Khalil Kearney, grew up in Flatbush, New York. One of his earliest hobbies was boxing, which occupied most of his time. He enjoyed listening to music, but never considered a music career until he was called onstage to freestyle by one of his favorite artists. After a stunned response from the crowd, he decided to pursue rap as a serious career.

Kearney promptly dropped out of school and moved to Colorado. In addition to his career as a rapper, he also has a strong interest in fashion and is the CFO of his own clothing line, Adult Ent. in Denver.

Kearney Ganng’s artistic mission is largely inspired by his older brothers who were involved in gangs and in and out of prison as he was growing up. He aspires to create music that will lead the next generation to be individuals and leaders, rather than a follower in someone else’s gang. In doing so, he hopes to lead people to make their own life choices and do something positive with their lives.

In addition to his music, he works to give back to his community and help in the progression of disadvantaged people by teaching classes to people were unable to obtain a diploma. His ultimate goal is to change the connotation of the word “gang” and emphasize unity above all else.

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