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Published on October 26th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Jungleboi & Dom MacAllister’s new stripped back video

Jungleboi is the London based producer, songwriter and DJ who splits his time between Britain and the sunnier stardom fields of LA. Jungleboi brings us his second single, that plays with fusions of EDM, pop, alternative as well as drawing on more deeply rooted tribal influences. Sinner’s Suicide is a darkly emotive track that’s to be fully embraced with the lusciously pop tinged vocals of Dom McAllister.

Jungleboi has built up an impressive roster of artists that he’s worked with including Will.i.am, Labrinth, Arrow Benjamin, Lily Allen, and Arlissa. Motivated by this array of creatives, Jungleboi was keen to debut his first release – the forward-thinking r&b pop blend, Light Beam. The single saw another strong singer riding high in the mix. Aalok Bala’s tone was perfectly compatible in conjunction with male harmonies master himself – Jungleboi. Aside from production work, Jungleboi quickly garnered worldwide supporters within film, and renowned productions such as the American Hit Series Empire. Jungleboi is an artist in his own right and is brimming with excitement to release a string of singles throughout the year.

New Sinner’s Suicide single features the acclaimed newcomer Dom McAllister. Dom holds a uniquely heart felt vocal, he’s the poised and humble singer is clearly influenced by seminal artists like Sam Cooke, Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill. Dom loves experimenting with hip-hop and mellow trap influences, and has been perfectly described as a singer with a ‘sophisticated soul’.

Sinner’s Suicide is the strong new single from an up and coming musician on the electronic/urban scene. As an impressive representation of what’s to come later this year, Jungleboi has approached his second single with a graceful prowess that reminds us all that we can fly. It’s clear that 2018 is looking to be a stellar year for the British producer Jungleboi, and we’ll be sinning right there beside him.

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