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Published on October 1st, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Did you ever wonder what Peruvian Indie sounds like? Listen to “Mar Adentro”, Mundaka’s new EP

Mundaka -one of the main players in Peru’s indie music scene- just released “Mar Adentro” (Offshore). Their new EP is made up of five songs, from which, two are completely new and three are new versions songs from their internationally acclaimed “Sonata Tropical del Ártico” (2016). The first single, “Ermitaño”, was released on September 7th. “Mar Adentro” was recorded completely live during a concert that took place this year in April in collaboration with Playlizt.pe.

Listen to “Mar Adentro”
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Known for their distinctive mix between surf rock and dream pop, in “Mar Adentro” we have Mundaka exploring new directions. In this EP we have the band refreshing their sonic performance with complex compositions and flirting with influences that go all the way from afroperuvian music, rockabilly, reggae, psychedelia, disco and even gypsy music.

 “Mar Adentro is made up of five songs from which Mundaka’s followers will be able to recognize three from their first EP “Sonata Tropical del Ártico”. The band took the opportunity of this EP to not only build on their sound but also to invite guest musicians such as Humberto Campodonico from Turbopotamos, who plays with them on the new version of their hit single “Atrapado entre la gente”. Previously, the band released ‘Ermitaño’ -the first single of this new EP- which caught the attention of the national and international press, even being picked up by Spotify and Apple Music as outstanding release of the week. Rodrigo Vera Tudela, Mundaka’s vocalists explain, “Ermitaño comes from a dream I had, where Susana Baca was singing to guitarists, a cajon player and a big choir”.

It is important to mention that ‘Mar Adentro’ was recorded completely live at a concert the band played in April this year as a way to share with the audience the recording process. Lucas Stiglich, Mundaka’s bassist explains “What happens during shows has a very special feeling that we wanted to capture and record. The fans have been surprising us with their energy and we have been feeling like an audience during our own concerts for a while”.

In their short career, Mundaka have strengthened their position as one of the main players of the music scene in Peru. Their first LP, “Sonata Tropical del Ártico”  (2016) was named as one of the best releases of the year both by the local and international press. It was thanks to this album that Mundaka were able to share a stage with international performers such as Radiohead and Mac de Marco, as well as having slots at Peru’s biggest music festivals.

Mar Adentro”, Mundaka’s latest EP, consists of 5 songs and presents for the first time the band collaborating with renowned musicians such as Humberto Campodónico, Gala Brie, Camille Jackson, Lucía Tagata and Renzo Galessio among others. The recording took place at a live concert in April. Playlizt.pe was responsible for the filming, with every song on the EP having its own music video. The EP is now available digitally through all music platforms and on CD via Faro Discos and Antirudo Recods. “Mar Adentro” promises to show us Mundaka as we have never seen them before.

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