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Published on October 26th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Pioneer Of Canadian Hip Hop, Kinnie Starr, Is Back With New Album ‘Feed The Fire’

We’re excited to check out Kinnie Starr’s new release Feed the Fire, the latest addition to her genre-bending discography. Check out the stream below and read Kinnie’s thoughts on the album.

Kinnie Starr on Feed The Fire:

Feed The Fire is a collection of songs co-written with Douglas Romanow. The album is a critical look at where we are at in our relationships to the screen, to our faiths, and to each other – our devices allow us to stay up all night using porn, fighting for likes or hype on social media, tailoring our public personas and delivering toxicity – or warmth. “Seed or gloom, gift or greed, hope or doom, what do you need?”

Communication is quicker all the time, and immediacy is king. Porn prevails, periscope documents rapes, and gaming grows. The fight sells – traction is often created through buying followers, revealing all, having a very singular and brand specific feed, staying on top of current trends, generating controversy, and being a consummate extrovert. Artists are expected to be slick self-promoters, quick witted, into only one ‘cause’ or homogeneous theme.

Meanwhile we continue to communicate quicker, and anxiety disorders rise along side extroversion and urgent digital chatter. We are on airplanes, on cell phones, and have access to anything at the click of a mouse. Our disconnect from nature grows. Feed the Fire is about hope and despair in perilous times, and about reconnecting with our truest selves.

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