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Published on November 15th, 2018 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


CEO of Kannon Entertainment and his partner Dion Johnson officially launch Clickatoke

Caviar, CEO of Kannon Entertainment, and his partner, Dion Johnson, announce the official launch of Clickatoke nationally and internationally

Entertainment mogul and CEO of Kannon Entertainment, Caviar seems to have a new found love as he has recently launched Clickatoke – “the pipe of the future,” in collaboration with his partner, Dion Johnson, consequently making the brand and the product a national and worldwide solution for smokers.

Clickatoke is made with superior materials and has been crafted with a precise design to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. The unique concept for smokers has already started to garner positive reviews from users in the United States and across the globe. The concept of Clickatoke was inspired by the desire to offer smokers a unique solution to address their needs. After coming to the realization that there was no such product as Clickatoke, Dion Johnson and his partner decided to take the bull by the horns and start an innovative concept.

The idea initially came in 1996 as a thought in Dion’s head, which he told Kannon back then. However, Clickatoke only remained an idea until it was eventually brought to life over a decade later in 2007. After several prototypes were made and tested, the first Clickatoke was approved and ready for sale.

The primary goal of the Clickatoke concept is to provide consumers with convenience as well as an easy and enjoyable smoking experience that is second to none. Clickatoke is designed to take away the stress and waste of valuable time involved in looking for lighter, blunts, zigzags, and the likes.

Clickatoke, which is the first originally designed all-inclusive lighter and pipe device seems to have stolen the hearts of smokers worldwide with all types of people from different walks of life currently enjoying the amazing features and benefits of the product. While Clickatoke is currently available in locations like California, Arizona, Nevada (VEGAS), Georgia, and Miami, the launch of the product to the international world will allow millions of smokers around the globe to enjoy “the pipe of the future.”

The company is dedicated to offering customers the best of smoking experience by providing them with quality products and excellent service. The site currently accepts PayPal and Credit Cards for payments, ensuring safe and easy payment for orders.

Currently available in six different colors including black, red, purple, green, silver, and blue, the pipe is designed to suit the preference of all kinds of users. Each purchase of the product also comes with a carrying case for easy conveyance. Buyers can also enjoy a discount on a bulk purchase of 3 packs and more.

More information about the torch lighter smoke pipe as well as the grinders can be found on the official website http://www.clickatoke.com.

About Clickatoke
Clickatoke is a unique smoking innovation designed to offer smokers worldwide a unique solution to their needs. The product is particularly designed to ease the process of smoking while providing smokers with the best possible smoking experience.

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