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Published on November 10th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Claire George Debut EP ‘Bodies of Water’ out November 16th

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“[“Orbits” is] a lonely ghost of a pop song that drips and melts with molasses synths and lazy buzzing drum machines. Her sinewy vocals stay mostly to an aching whisper, but occasionally reveal powerful, Lorde-like creases, tripping out the song’s slo-mo atmosphere further with a muted background vocal loop.” – Stereogum

“Claire George makes quite the auspicious introduction with the…wistfully bittersweet [‘Orbits’]” – Gorilla vs. Bear

Claire George will release her stunning debut EP Bodies of Water, out November 16th on Cascine. Following the low-key pop jewel of a lead single “Orbits,” Claire shares a gorgeous new song entitled “Lonely Or Alone.” “As a child, I remember walking by the home of a shut-in on my way to school every day,” Claire explains of the song. “I would think about how sad it must feel to be alone all the time. However, I later learned of his troubled past, and of the way he was demonized by his community and family. This made me realize that perhaps he wasn’t sad at all, but that maybe in isolation he finally felt free. I wrote this song at a time when I felt a certain kinship with this man, living in solitude, and experiencing a sense of freedom from the judgment of others for the first time.” The synth-driven, slow-burning album closer can be heard now via Stereogum HERE.

Across the EP’s five self-written and self-produced tracks on Bodies of WaterClaire George combines an imaginative melodic sensibility with swirling electronic productions, crafting a compelling, dreamy and singularly captivating first release. Pre-order the EP, out next week on CascineHERE.

Claire’s voice may be familiar to some through her work as a vocal topliner in the electronic space, or as the lead singer for San Francisco act HEARTWATCH, but this project sees Claire turn her focus inward. Seeking space and seclusion, she left the Bay Area in 2016 for a quieter setting outside Seattle, near where she grew up. “At the same time my band split, I went through a break-up and a series of family traumas, quit my job, and left my community in San Francisco,” she said. “I had always been an extrovert, so living in isolation for a year and a half was a huge change for me. It was a period of solitude unlike any other I had ever experienced in my life.” As a songwriter, she was used to having other voices in the room, but this was the first time she was writing, recording and producing almost entirely on her own. In 2018, she felt the present creative chapter closing and decided to relocate to Southern California to finish the material she had generated over the past two years. The result is the masterfully crafted Bodies of Water EP, her most powerful work to date, and an exciting introduction to this up-and-coming artist.

Tour dates

11/9/18 @ Cafe Du Nord – San Francisco, CA #
11/13/18 @ Barboza – Seattle, WA #
11/18/18 @ Rontoms – Portland, OR #
12/10/18 @ Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY *
# = with Natasha Kmeto
* = with Drama

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