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Published on November 1st, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Coops – Life in the Flesh

With new project ‘Life in the Flesh’ Coops brings depth, diligence and an ambience of notoriety.

Delving outside the realms of linear thought, Coops fills in the grey. Conceptualising the cycle of life, death and reincarnation of the spirit and soul his project captures the middle state, known as life. He incorporates an introspective glimpse into the mental and physical trials and tribulations of his own life, eloquently pieced together, track by track.

A colossal creation overflowing with conscious lyricism, his project relays abstract yet vivid imagery and his aptly named title track ‘Life in the Flesh’ reiterates his lyrical prowess. A blank canvas that is etched into from birth, he pens an open and honest track divulging his life experiences and how they’ve shaped him.

‘Cold World’ depicts the ambiguity of life. Searching for meaning, Coops goes into depth about the ebbs and flows, touching on topics from mental health to money to the environment he finds himself in. The rawness of the track is heightened by the silver lining lyricism that unravels the ideology that although we find ourselves in a ‘cold world’, we are in a transient state and will experience another alternative again.

‘Life in the Flesh’ is a spiritual awakening and shows Coops concisely relaying his consciousness throughout. From the dream-like presence of ‘Lift Off’, to the reflective ‘Place Called Home’, Coops draws on many aspects of his life as he puts them under the microscope. The hard hitting ‘Guerillas’ single exemplifies this as he tackles societal issues from racism to being trapped within ‘the system’.

As the title would suggest, ‘Life In The Flesh’ is an unadulterated reflection of modern day life as Coops sees it. Pulling no punches, Coops and producer Talos have meticulously pieced together an epic record echoing all the ups and downs of existence in the present day. Whether it be with Coops’ poetic turn of phrase or the stories told via Talos’ dense emotive production, ‘Life In The Flesh’ is one of those special projects brings us back to a time when Hip Hop had meaning, with plenty of food for thought.

Life In The Flesh’ is a conceptual album primarily focused on the cycle of life, death & reincarnation of the spirit/soul. Everything that happens in the middle is what makes us who we are. All of our decisions and choices shape and mould our futures in this life and possibly even the next. Through experiences and observations of my own life I have crafted this album. It was recorded as a reminder that life is a test, and although we are faced with many societal and worldly obstacles, some of the hardest and most important to overcome are the ones in our minds…‘  – Coops

Not many rappers can boast that their first ever live performance was at London’s prestigious O2 Arena, supporting hip hop legend, Nas. Such was the talent of Coops,  “I want to be inspired by the greats” the North Londoner explains, citing Jay Z, A Tribe Called Quest and Eminem as other major inspirations.

Having already built a strong momentum for himself with several releases under his belt ( ‘What Do You See’ in 2011, ‘Lost Soul’ in 2014 & ‘God Complex’ in 2016), Coops is now a part of the mighty High Focus Records movement, bringing his career to the next phase.

Having released the ground breaking & critically acclaimed ‘No Brainer’ project earlier this year, Coops has set himself apart from his contemporaries as he showed himself to be a true creative in a scene marred by ‘one trick ponies’, as he effortlessly delved from wave to wave throughout the project, perfectly executing each style and mood he applies himself to. On top this Coops has been making his mark on stage as an exceptional performer playing live shows in some of the UK’s most illustrious venues and festivals (Outlook, Boomtown, Fabric, Jazz Cafe to name but a few…) as well as captivating European audiences with a flurry of live shows on the continent. In 2018 Coops has moved into 5th gear and is now ready to solidify his position on these shores as one of the top lyricists of rap’s elite with his magnum opus ‘Life In The Flesh’, which promises to turn the UK rap game on it’s head.


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