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Published on November 13th, 2018 | by Darren Paltrowitz


Exclusive Q&A With 3 2018 RockGodz Hall Of Fame Inductees

The 6th Annual RockGodz Hall Of Fame Awards will take place on Sunday, November 18th at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. The ceremony celebrates the unsung heroes behind rock & roll’s most legendary musicians and most famous instrumentation on chart-topping albums. In turn, rock & roll legends will honor their own during a celebration of music with passion and talent at its core, bringing recognition to the lesser-known musicians who built the legacy of rock music.

All RockGodz Hall Of Fame inductees are selected by inductee alumni, their peers, which continues to make the organization highly respected by the music community. This year’s awards show will be opened with live musical performances and throughout the evening inductees will perform tributes to their biggest hits. The evening will also feature appearances from current alumni, special guests, surprise performances, and a one-of-a-kind all-star jam of past and present inductees.

Noted co-founder Cindy Landeen says: “Our mission is to acknowledge the contributions of a group of stunningly gifted musicians and professionals who flew under the radar while delivering to the world music that has orchestrated the soundtrack of many lives. We believe that these virtuosos, maestros and those working in the trenches behind the scenes need not wait any longer to be recognized and acknowledged for their part. In the day they may have been relatively unknown to the music world and fans at large, but the RockGodz Hall Of Fame has purposely taken on the challenge and goal of celebrating their achievements.”

All RockGodz Hall Of Fame events and initiatives are funded by ticket sales, sponsorships, volunteers and those who choose to support the mission. More on the institution itself can be found online at

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with three 2018 inductees of the RockGodz Hall Of Fame. These included bassist Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones, Sting, Miles Davis), producer and sound designer Alan Howarth (the first six Star Trek movies, Back To The Future, Raiders Of The Lost Ark), and Megadeth co-founder Dave Ellefson. Congratulations are indeed in order for Jones, Howarth and Effelson, whose work you have undoubtedly heard on many occasions.

How did you first become aware of the RockGodz Hall Of Fame?

Alan Howarth: My lifelong friend Kevin Dugan — we go back to 1974 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Darryl Jones: To be honest,I hadn’t heard of the RockGodz Hall Of Fame before I was contacted with the news of my induction. Now that I’m aware that RockGodz seeks to recognize and celebrate musicians who support the bigger names in the industry, many of whom might otherwise be overlooked, I sincerely appreciate and fully support their work in this endeavor.

Dave Ellefson: I was approached by a long-time friend Sandy Rizzo with the esteemed honor of my induction in the summer of 2018. Like so many things in the music business — and life — friendships and networking are as much a part of this, as is the music. Sandy and I met in the late 80s when she worked with McGhee Entertainment, when they managed Megadeth. It was a pleasure to hear from her and the wonderful things happening with the Hall Of Fame now.

Is this your first Hall Of Fame induction?

Alan Howarth: Yes, this is my first induction into a rock Hall Of Fame.

Darryl Jones: Yes, this is my first.

Dave Ellefson: I was inducted into the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame back in September 2018. I’m from Minnesota and it was a real honor to be inducted into their Hall Of Fame as a kid who went to Hollywood to make his dreams come true. Likewise, the honor of induction into the RockGodz Hall Of Fame hits home for me as Los Angeles was my first “home away from home” when I moved from the midwest just days after my high school graduation in May 1983. It was such a culture shock for this small town Minnesota farm-boy at the time, but my heart led to L.A. to pursue my professional aspirations in music. It was quite a corner to turn at such a young age to really learn the culture of L.A. and make connections to grow up in the entertainment industry of such a prestigious town. It was necessary, yet daunting. In fact, I recall so clearly walking down Hollywood Boulevard and thinking, “This is such a shock to be here, yet if I go home, I’ll be stuck on a farm the rest of my life and that is not where I belong in this lifetime. I have to make this work.” It was that moment of “do or die.” So this RockGodz induction really brings it all full circle to me.

RockGodz aside, what is coming up for you career-wise?

Alan Howarth: I just finished a great indie film score for HOAX, by Matt Allen, releasing next year and also playing live concerts of my film music. I also have a very exciting project about the musical frequencies that resonate to the mind, body and spirit called Natural Resonance, based on my research into pyramids and nature. the website,

Darryl Jones: I’m presently working to establish a guitar and bass company aimed at professional musicians and serious avocationists who are interested in acquiring instruments thoughtfully built with their input in mind.

Dave Ellefson: We have a big year planned for Megadeth in 2019 with our first ever Mega-Cruise, a major summer tour and a new album in the works. Additionally, we have so much going on with Ellefson Industries, the EMP Label Group, Ellefson Coffee Co., the current Basstory World Tour, and a brand new album and European tour from my band Altitudes & Attitude, which features me and Anthrax’s Frank Bello. Making music and being in the industry comprises the full scope of my life. So each day is about creativity in both music and business ventures. I work as hard at it today as I ever have, but it’s always led by passion and saying “yes” to opportunity.

Is there a career accomplishment you are proudest of?

Alan Howarth: I have been a member of sound effects teams that received Oscars for “Best Sound Effects” for The Hunt For Red October and Bram Stokers’ Dracula directed by Francis Ford Coppola. I also have Golden Reel Awards from the Motion Picture Sound Editors for Star Trek 4, Hunt For Red October, The Little Mermaid, and Total Recall. I also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Hollywood Horror called the “Impact Award.” I was also keyboard tour support for the great fusion jazz band The Weather Report in the late 70s.

Darryl Jones: I would say I’m most proud of my work with Miles Davis. His importance as a musical visionary cannot be overstated. Also, my work with him opened the door to most of the other work I’ve done since then, so I’m extremely grateful to have played with him. I’d also have to include my work with The Rolling Stones. I’m sure most would agree that in addition to the success and long time popularity of the band, they and their music could not be more culturally and historically significant. They’re also quite a lot of fun to play with. I’m quite proud to have been associated with them these last 25 years.

Dave Ellefson: Certainly winning the Grammy Award in 2017 for the “Best Metal Performance” with Megadeth’s Dystopia sits up at the top. We’ve been fortunate to have been nominated 12 times over the last 27 years and to have finally landed a win was a real landmark for us as a band, and a personal accomplishment.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Alan Howarth: We all started from very humble beginnings playing music in our bedrooms, garages, and basements. Having passion and loving what you are doing is the only way to follow your own path, find yourself and discover your own voice.

Dave Ellefson: If you’re into music, have fun with it. They call it “playing music” for a reason…It’s supposed to be fun!

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