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Published on November 1st, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Lost Raven Transforms SK Shlomo’s Breathtaking Vocals On ‘Invisible’

Lost Raven transforms SK Shlomo’s breathtaking vocals on ‘Invisible’ into a shimmering progressive house/techno/breaks remix

 Invisible (Lost Raven Remix) released Friday 19 October 2018 on all platforms


Newcomer Lost Raven (aka Michelle Raven) started secretly producing electronic music as a child in the 1990s but until now has deleted every track. Her eclectic, genre-defying sound is a mashup of techno, progressive house, breaks, angelic ethereal vocals and a sprinkle of classic euphoric trance.

Her remix of SK Shlomo’s ‘Invisible’ (original single described as “gloriously melancholic” by The Times) is her first release under new solo project Lost Raven. Her haunting debut single ‘Demons’ is due for release Fri 2 Nov 2018 on Nebula Productions with further releases scheduled throughout 2019.

SK Shlomo says : “I love how Lost Raven chopped and pitched my vocals into a techno banger and the way the drums develop later in the song, taking it from 4 on the floor to full on breakbeat euphoria”

@lostravenmusic: soundcloud.com/lostravenmusic // instagram.com/lostravenmusic

@skshlomo: soundcloud.com/skshlomo //  instagram.com/skshlomo


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