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Who Is Chuck Wavy?

As you see your self, who is Chuck Wavy, both as an artist and an individual?

A stand up organic guy. Pretty cut and dry for the most part, of course, I’m more than what meets the eye. I like to think I’m easier digestible in layers so to speak. Same assets apply to me as an artist as well.

What brought you to the entertainment industry and music specifically?

I was already in the service industry as a barber and into a business so reaching people and servicing them were second nature. I also always had a knack for writing in school. So once I became comfortable with putting my emotions and experiences on paper it became addicting as well as therapeutic.

What and/or who influenced the sound you bring today?

I have been struggling with that also Spotify as well. I’m from New Orleans, the Westbank to be specific, shot out to the whole city! With that said, music is prevalent I came up on Pimp Daddy, T. T Tucker, Soulja Slim, Mac, Cashmoney, Jay Z, LoX, No Limit etc. I like to say my music is wavy, tangible and porous.

What’s happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you?

The way my music connects to so many different walks of life. I mean I have dabbled in so many different facets of life from the streets, to the army, to college, playing ball, corporate jobs, and owning my own business. I attract all types of listeners and fans.

What was the biggest obstacle in getting to your current career phase?

Getting flustered and slightly bent out of shape when others didn’t see my vision as I did. The fugazee friends and industry contacts you meet along the way. Also spending money with the right people.

What do you want people to get from your music?

Hope but most of all mental toughness. Through all my adversity my faith, moral compass, and vision keep me going. My vices, shortcomings, etc. help mold me to the man and artist I am today. I’m human also. They can achieve the same.

Tell us about your current project?

WavyHorry 2 is the second series of a project I put out around the end of the NBA playoffs each year for the last two. I have an athletic background and making motivational music goes hand and hand. The project is composed of 10 tracks with some motivational commentary from Denzel Washington and Will Smith, coupled with some uptempo joints, smooth vibes, and soulful cuts. I have something for everyone but I maintain the wavy persona throughout the project. Absolutely no skip over tracks.

What do you feel has been your greatest life achievement so far?

Definitely becoming a father has opened my heart and eyes to different perspectives and emotions as a man. My life hasn’t been the same since.

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would have to say Soulja Slim hands down. On everything, I feel like it took a piece of the city’s heart when he passed. We all as New Orleans artist take pride in carrying the torch, keeping his legacy and energy ongoing.

If you had to pick one song of yours, that really explains YOU, what would it be?

It would be impossible to pick one. You can take what you want from this interview and check out Wavy Bayou, Enemy Turf or Hairone and I’m sure you could pick one, I can’t.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

When I went to Paris iced drinks were highly unfavorable in any beverage at the restaurants. They use ice in the male wall urinal to keep the smell down. Brilliant in a sense just different.

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