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Who is Frank Stylez?

Frank Stylez is a serial entrepreneur with a penchant for music as well. The young trucking company magnate spits lyrical missiles with the best of them in between running the roads and staying grounded in his community. Just prior to the holiday weekend, Stylez lived up to the adage of “To whom much is given, much is required” when he hosted a turkey giveaway in his home community.

Humble and grateful for his blessings gained from his music and business, Stylez ensures those around him have opportunities to smile as well.

Aside from doing interviews related to his music Stylez finds himself in the press for his activities outside of entertainment for instance coverage from The Natchez Democrat on his turkey giveaway this week:

“Outside of the Magnolia Bluffs Casino Hotel on Tuesday Frank Stylez along with other volunteers handed out 100 turkeys to community members.

“Just giving back, it was on my heart and I’m a firm believer in what you give to the universe is what you give back in return. You gain a blessing and you give it all and receive another.” Stylez said. “As times get hard everybody needs a helping hand sometimes, and I just wanted to be the one to give back.” (N. Hines, The Natchez Democrat) full article HERE

The Hype Magazine caught up with Stylez and got him to weigh in on a few things!

As you see your self, who is Frank Stylez, both as an artist and an individual?

Frank Stylez is a person who has great hustle and ambition. I love my family and friends and I have a special connection with each of them. I feel that I’m all they have when it comes down to really opening up the doors of success that most people can’t even imagine that are there.

What brought you to the entertainment industry and music specifically?

I grew up on a lot of hip-hop, especially Tupac… my dad use to always listen to him and would buy me Lil Wayne cds for my birthday. Lol, those were the days.

What and/or who influenced the sound you bring today?

I would say Tupac was a big influence along with Notorious B.I.G. and other artists like Jay-Z but I would say I get my sound from the southern rappers like Young Dolph, Yo Gotti and a mixture of the new Atlanta sound with the Auto-tune.

What’s happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you?

I mean the feeling I get when I perform has to be one of the best feelings for an artist… I mean to hear fans recite words that you have wrote and put your life experiences into and to have them say those exact same words back at you with the same energy you put into them when you wrote it has to be one of the most surreal moments I can honestly say. It’s crazy.

What was the biggest obstacle in getting to your current career phase?

I would say my biggest obstacle was most definitely being lazy… The moment I stopped being lazy and started grinding for what I wanted and actually putting myself in uncomfortable situations, those were the defining moments in my life that made the difference in me being where I am today.

What do you want people to get from your music?

Feel they are on I hope when people listen to my music they gain inspiration to do whatever it is in life that they this earth to do. No matter if it’s being a teacher, car salesman or just a manager at a fast food restaurant. Be what’s makes you happy.

What inspired your current project “Do You Love”?

Do You Love actually inspired me! I was actually just listing to some beats and when I heard this particular beat the words just started to flow and pour out of me and before I knew it I had a whole song in a matter of minutes.

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Jay-Z. Just to be able to be in the same studio and feed off of his energy would be a blessing and a moment that I truly would say my craft would elevate.

In your career as an artist, what would be the one song of yours, that really explains YOU?

I would have to say “They Don’t Know” because that’s pure passion and a true story about my life and some of the obstacles I went through growing up.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

I would have to say this one time I was in college and I went to a house party and I got really wasted, blacked out and forgot everything that happened that night. I even forgot how I got back to my dorm room and I stayed in bed with a hangover for like a week. That’s most definitely one of my most embarrassing moments.

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