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Published on December 15th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Brooklyn’s LUV DOT GOV Get Set for Upcoming NY & PA Dates in 2019 Following U.K. Tour

Following an outstanding year that saw them release their Debut LP, music videos, and rock shows from NYC all the way across the pond to the U.K. – NYC/U.K. based rockers LUV DOT GOV are ready for more in 2019! With upcoming dates in NYC & PA booked from January through March and a new music video set to be released later in the year, fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming winter months!

WATCH THEIR LATEST: Luv Dot Gov  “Exist Anymore” (Official Music Video)

Luv Dot Gov, the brainchild of Matthew Pop (vocals/guitar) and Stevie Seaweeds (drums/vocals), was born on a rooftop in Brooklyn in the summer 2016 as a response to dark, trying times — both personally and politically. The band would quickly become a vehicle for some of the best emotionally honest power pop this side of the 90s. Thankfully, they were armed with the finest collection of tunes penned by Pop over the course of his decades-long career, marrying heartbroken but hopeful lyrics to sticky-sweet melodies — all set to precisely arranged, chunky down-tuned guitars.

By fall 2016, the fledgling Luv Dot Gov had recruited Sean Egan on bass, and had a few local gigs under their belts. However, stressed and depressed in a post-election US, Pop ran away to Scotland for a brief respite in November. It was here he linked up with Graeme Young, a producer and operator of Chamber Studio in Edinburgh. A plan was soon hatched to record Luv Dot Gov’s debut album abroad, taking advantage of Young’s top notch equipment, expertise and extensive network of first-class musicians. After another smattering of stateside and UK shows, Matt and Steve decamped to Scotland for the spring of 2017 to lay down tracks for the record. Here, isolated from the stressors of the States, the songs blossomed into intricate but accessible pop-rock anthems, equally suited for blasting out a car stereo or headphones-on introspection.

WATCH: Luv Dot Gov “Pretty Enough” (Official Music Video)

WATCH: Luv Dot Gov “What’s Going On?” (Official Music Video)

WATCH: “Luv Me Blue” (Official Music Video)

Upcoming Show Details:

Friday, January 11th, 9:00PM @ Pianos NYC (158 LUDLOW STREET, NYC)

Tuesday, January 29th, 7:00PM @ Arlene’s Grocery (95 STANTON STREET, NYC)

Friday, February 1st, (TIME TBA) @ Connie’s Ric Rac (1132 S 9TH ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA)

Friday, February 22nd, 8:00PM @ The Way Station (Acoustic) (683 WASHINGTON AVE, BROOKLYN, NYC)

Thursday, March 7th, (TIME TBA) @ Gold Sounds Bar (44 WILSON AVE, BROOKLYN, NYC)

Upon Matt and Steve’s return to New York that summer, the band rounded out its roster by bringing in Matt Middleton (lead guitar) and Patrick Fischer (keyboard/synth). Now equipped to capture the record’s expansive arrangements live, the new five-piece lineup started honing their skills, sharpening their set into a muscular, airtight slice of indie rock. Soon thereafter, they began booking gigs at venues both trendy and historic (Pine Box Rock Shop, the Bitter End), winning over audiences with their lively stage presence and nostalgic yet forward-thinking sound.

Meanwhile, Young continued refining tracks across the pond, and the resulting album; the hooky and bittersweet “At Least We’ve Got This Madness,” was released in Spring 2018. In honour of its release, the band played nearly a dozen shows during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, along with many UK and US tour dates throughout the Summer. With outlets like ANR Factory touting its “raw emotional honesty” along with “sharp hooks and punchy melodies” there’s surely only more continued praise to come.

Now, following their Debut LP’s release and with tons more on the horizon in regards to live dates, video releases, and new music…..Luv Dot Gov is ready to kick off a great 2019!

Check out “At least We’ve Got This Madness” via  BandCamp HERE:

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