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Published on December 15th, 2018 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Don Korleone – Bad Guy

Don Korleone a.k.a. Ke Shawn, today drops his newest single “Bad Guy”. The track was produced by Spaceman.

“Bad Guy” was written, engineered and produced with Don Korleone along with Spaceman. Don Korleone plays with genre throughout the track, showcasing his versatility and ability to craft his own sound with witty lyrics, seamless flower and elements of trap, gospel, and electronica from several eras. “Bad Guy” showcases Don Korleone’s innate ability to master his sound at such an impressive young age.

He wrote the track during a time where he started to drift from his family and loved ones, while he was taking the time to truly hone in on his craft of storytelling through music. The track urges you to always look at the bigger picture and see the positive, even if it may seem impossible.

Don Korleone grew up in Highland, California, where from a young age he was attracted to the arts. After hanging out with a bad crowd, Don Korleone was sent to live with his aunt in North Carolina. It was there that he developed his lyrical craft and flow. After nine months living with his aunt, he returned to California and started to record videos of himself freestyling and posted them to YouTube. When he returned he got his first job flipping burgers and made enough money to purchase a home studio- and set off to teach himself how to produce.

Three years later, Don Korleone is ready to release his latest single “Bad Guy” and share his talent with the world.

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