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Published on December 19th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


J’Moris Goes Hard with New Video for “Extra”

By Deuce

There’s something sneakily familiar about the music video for “Extra”, the first single from J’Moris’ recently released EP of the same name. Perhaps it’s the vocal sample punctuating the Supamario produced track, which sounds much like the same one from Nelly’s 2002 single “Dilemma”, featuring Kelly Rowland. Could be all that Hennessy getting swigged on the set as the Texas rhyme terror swaggers from the studio to the vocal booth, the booth to the pool hall and back again, in the video clip. Or maybe it’s just the formula for the track itself, which is smooth but pounding, slow and frenzied, futuristic and contemporary.

Whatever the case, the song (much like the rest of the EP) is definitely refreshing in its back to basics approach that’s largely devoid of shiny rims, flashing chains, video vixens, and even blunt smoke. J spends most of his time in the vocal booth, bare arms flailing as he concentrates on his book of rhymes and going one step beyond—a lil’ something extra—what most rappers do today. His off-kilter flow is applied in bursts, sneaking up in flurries before burying itself in a sing-along hook well suited for street anthems. He plods through his verses in a nonchalant manner just right for a long night clubbing, or riding up and down the strip waiting for it to let out.

The single sets the tone for the rest of the EP in which the rhyme-slinger satisfies the ladies and the fellas with a few detailed exploits of the former, and the play-by-play for the latter. Ranging from lyrical forays on “Not At All” to a little street crooning on “Misbehave”, the well-rounded effort is nevertheless typified by “Extra”, which exemplifies J’s whole style. He’s a regular dude doing regular things, rapping about them while documenting the life many of his peers, from state to state across the country, are already doing—or just waiting to try. In this respect the track, and its music video, definitely hits its target audience, which should want to hear it out.

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