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Published on January 19th, 2019 | by Ash Judett


PREMIERE: Briguel Unveils “Life Is A Lesson” Music Video

New York City based Briguel officially premiere their latest music video “Life Is A Lesson”.

A solid record alongside its’ music video acting as a wake up call for humans to realize their impact, both positive and negative, on the current state of the world.

Young artists, power-couple, Briguel share a deeply personal creation with “Life Is A Lesson”, inviting us all to gather enough courage to look within ourselves to find new ways of adapting, creating, and ultimately finding alternative mindsets to reduce our catastrophic impacts on the planet and towards each other in modern societies.

“I keep searching for a way, find a way, to feel free. Flying on my own…I keep searching for a way, there’s a way, to feel free. Flying on my own…” – Brianne’s beautiful voice singing the catchy and perfectly crafted melody is a proof of how much they have achieved as musicians, and it seems they are not going to stop at such good momentum.

Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern blend electro/pop and hip-hop in style.

The visuals capture New York City in all its shapes, colours, and people diversity, projecting an authentic image of NY and conveying a message full of hope.

Brianne singing over and over “there’s a way” delivers great positivity that never stops all along “Life Is A Lesson”.

The universal message paired with the smooth and energetic musicality enrich this track with all the elements needed for a great success. If you heard ‘Red Ropes‘ this is a record to peep with no doubt!

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