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UK Trapper Jay Midge Talks Repping Hip Hop from Across the Pond and New Video ‘It’s Only Right’

Growing steadily out of the UK Underground, rapper Jay Midge rising to center stage, making a path from the UK to the States with his clever wordplay and strong storytelling. Everything Hip Hop is about! This weekend he dropped a new video “It’s Only Right” which sets the record straight about his time and contribution to the culture over the years and why now his rise to stardom is quite overdue. The video for the release dropped today on UK Grime outlet GRM Daily which is rapidly becoming the subject matter expert on the genre from that region.

The Hype Magazine got Jay Midge to weigh in on a few things from his side of the world

From the outside looking in who is the artist Jay Midge

Jay Midge is a U.K. rapper/ entrepreneur of Ghanaian descent. A guy who is making his way to success. A very ambitious individual. Fully Independent, with plans to make a strong presence in the music Industry and entertainment industry as a whole.

What brought you to the entertainment industry music specifically

From young, I’ve always had a passion for music. My older sister used to listen to a lot of rap music, And I became a fan at a young age. I use to watch a lot of the golden area of hip hop. The no limit, bad boy, death row, Rocafella records era. And it really I spired me. I realized I had a talent with music and wanted to pursue a career in the music industry.

 What do you want people to get from your music

I like people to get a good experience from my music. I like to make music that uplifts people. Makes people wanna Dance and feel good. I also make music that could inspire people. Music that people can relate to. And deeper subject matters. I like for people to connect with my music.

Tell us about your current project

My current project I’m working on right now is called Finally here. As I believe I should have been introduced to the music industry a long time ago. I would say it’s a mixtape although it could easily be considered as an album.

It has a mixture of records that showcase my versatility as an artist. I have records I believe that will relate to different people. Music that makes you feel good, that can inspire you and deeper subjected mattered records.

For new listeners, what song of yours would you pick as an introduction to you as an artist

That’s a hard 1. The record I’ve just released I suppose, which is titled It’s only right. But 3 other songs could easily introduce me as an artist as well. Songs titled The plug, Street entrepreneur and too fast.

Tell us a bit about your work and passions outside of music

I consider my self a very business minded person. Outside of music, I like to concentrate on other business ventures. I’m working on a clothing line as of right now. I also try keep fit, so I go to the gym and do a little boxing for fitness. I’m a big fan of boxing.

Last but not least, Hype wants to know,   What your Craziest where they do that at, aka WTF moment?

Hmm, I wish I could tell you.


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