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Published on February 14th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Dave Winnel Executes New House Effort With Exotic Flare

Dave Winnel is the eclectic DJ/producer obsessed with blending future and tech house with heavy hitting drums and equally colossal basslines. After an epic 2018, Dave bursts into the year with a cool slice of a sophisticated house. One Thing is the new single that features Eskayi’s casually hedonistic vocals.

As a child, Dave Winnel was surrounded by his family’s classical music. Deciding to go against the grain, Dave quickly immersed himself in the extensive world of techno. Growing up as the funny guy, Dave has always conveyed his exuberant personality through his exhilarating audio creations. As Dave builds a reputation for globally respected music, he’s busily made appearances in Japan, France, Bali, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Croatia, the Netherlands as well as international festivals like Tomorrowland and Stereosonic. Dave loves quenching audiences’ thirst for half the year at his residence spot in Amsterdam, and the other at his hometown base of Sydney, Australia.

Over ten-year career so far, Dave Winnel has delivered an expansive repertoire.  Dave’s impressive list of collaborations boast Apache with Kryder as well as working with Armin Van Buuren on The Race which soared straight to the Beatport Top 10 Chart. Other tracks that have garnered millions of Spotify streams include originals Always Feels Like,  Acid Trippin and his epic Armin Van Buuren remix, Strong Ones.

Dave Winnel’s new single, One Thing, is a dynamic effort rolled out with the confident prowess of a professional. As an explosion of diverse world instruments, Eskayi’s killer vocals glide over an exhilarating groove that’s tailor-madefor hazy evenings and the earliest of mornings.

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