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Published on February 14th, 2019 | by Ash Judett


PREMIERE: Scarlet Sails – My Love

LOVE IS All WE GOT! We’re over halfway through the week so it’s time to give our ears a little treat. Here’s a little something for Valentines day!

We all like to reminisce from time to time and live out our memories through some classic songs. This one is one of them!

Scarlet Sails, a NYC based band, recently released their single “My Love.” The track, explores the bliss, the fear, the passion and the unknown of love in a way that is relatable and charming. Important to note – the record has seen an amazing response from media and has already amassed thousands of hits on streaming outlets. We’re pulled into this record in a blink of an eye and we find ourselves clearly listening to each of the verses and melodies, soothing as they come together with each note.

We find reflections of our own hearts, our own souls and above all, it speaks a language that has been part of our vocabulary. My Love was first introduced in a single format – after heavy media attention, lead singer Olya Viglione releases the anticipated music video for this already widely acclaimed record.

She clearly understands that while love is beautiful and magical, it can also be scary and sometimes even sad. So dive into his world with me and together let us enjoy a must listen gem of contemporary rock-pop. Lovely lyrics –  Happy Valentines day!

– True love is begins when nothing is looked for in return – 


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