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Published on February 5th, 2019 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Sound Royalties Announces Strategic Alliance with GLAD Empire to Fund Latin Indie Artists, New Nashville HQ

Around 2006, there began a slow shift of artist, producers, songwriters and other creatives in the music industry to take control and ownership of their product. Over the past 10 years, the move has grown exponentially and the need for alternative financing has found increased demand. Many with digital distribution deals and virtual labels or production companies are celebrating glowing successes even without the traditional machine of major labels. The question is then, how to keep the momentum when it can take so long to collect the earnings from your work or even perhaps FINDING the money you have earned?

If your business suffers from the accordion effect financially, it can spell disaster in the rapidly moving music industry; keeping up, of course, depends on new music, merch, touring, marketing and promotion all of which require money. It’s not just individual creatives who need financial options but also small imprints, distribution companies with active rosters, production companies awaiting placement royalties; you get the point.

Alex Heiche, CEO and Founder of Sound Royalties (Photo courtesy of Sound Royalties)

Alex Heiche, CEO and Founder of Sound Royalties (Photo courtesy of Sound Royalties)

Taking the financial support spotlight is Sound Royalties, LLC led by CEO and Founder Alex Heiche. Sound Royalties is a privately-owned specialty finance firm that helps music industry professionals fund personal and professional projects while allowing them to retain the rights to their music. Sound Royalties closed out 2018 strong by locking down strategic partnerships with mega-stars like Pitbull and Lil Wayne to finance their projects and help them keep their creativity moving.

Bursting into 2019 moving like a freight train doing 90 going north, Sound Royalties opened the year with several monumental announcements, here’s the official line:

Music finance company Sound Royalties announced recently a strategic alliance with major Latin market distributor GLAD Empire. This new relationship will help to continue fostering indie artists’ careers. Through Sound Royalties’ innovative funding solutions, indie artists now have the freedom to maintain their independent careers, retain ownership of their content, and receive cash advances to create new videos and promote their product. In addition, the company announced it will now have a physical presence in Nashville, the “music capital of the world.” Located in the Gulch, Sound Royalties’ new space will be utilized to engage with Nashville’s music professionals and educate them about its creative-friendly financing services, which unlike competitors, allow musicians to retain their copyrights and receive overflow income.

GLAD Empire focuses on digital distribution and monetization of content for creators on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, YouTube, SoundCloud, among others specializing in the Latin market.

“With talent, you can achieve great things. But with talent and finance, one can move mountains,” said President of GLAD Empire, Camille Soto. “At GLAD, we have an exclusive artist roster to which we provide services including distribution and promotion. Working with Sound Royalties to fund artists will benefit the artists directly and the entire urban Latin culture.”

CEO and founder of Sound Royalties, Alex Heiche, added: “We are very excited about this new relationship with GLAD Empire. Extending the reach of our services through like-minded institutions such as GLAD, helps us reach more creatives looking for flexible funding options that help them advance their career and retain full ownership of their works.”

We first introduced Alex and Sound Royalties to our readers in a brief conversation included in our digital cover issue #116 where he explained how the company’s financial support for creatives works. Alex graced us a second time to discuss the dynamic shift in the music industry, especially in the digital space, the strategic alliance with GLAD Empire, what the move shows about Sound Royalties ability to successfully create solutions working with diverse segments of the industry and more…tune in!

About Sound Royalties

Founded by CEO Alex Heiche, Sound Royalties, LLC is a privately-owned specialty finance firm that helps music industry professionals fund personal and professional projects while allowing them to retain the rights to their music. The company’s core business is offering royalty advances of anywhere from $5,000 to $10 million. It does this by advancing artist, producer and songwriter royalties paid through music labels, distributors, publishers and PROs such as SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and many more. To date, Sound Royalties, LLC has worked with a wide range of leading music industry professionals, including GRAMMY Award winners, platinum recording artists and notable music industry executives in every genre. Learn more at https://soundroyalties.com

About GLAD Empire

GLAD Empire is a company dedicated to digital distribution, audio streaming, publishing management, synchronization licenses, video/audio monetization on YouTube, and digital content management in general. In addition, GLAD Empire monetize digital content on platforms such as SoundCloud and VEVO. Through a working team established with an office in 26 countries, GLAD Empire has direct access to all the minimally relevant digital platforms worldwide and has a staff in charge of moving the content internally at the international level to coordinate actions in those countries with the marketing manager of each country.

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