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Published on March 14th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Graduating Life Signs to Pure Noise Records

Rock & roll band, Graduating Life have signed with Pure Noise Records. To celebrate, they’ve shared Grad Life, a re-release of the band’s previous album, originally released last September. Graduating Life has also released a music video for “Carry A White Flag.” Fans can listen to the record in full via Spotify and Apple Music, as well as pre-order physical copies (available March 29th) at

“Grad Life is not only something that I am incredibly proud of, but it’s the best thing I have ever worked on or had part in,” lead vocalist, Bart Thompson, shares. He continues, “I still can’t believe I’m signed to a label that will pay for my vision as an artist, and am very excited to join the Pure Noise Records family.”

Formed in 2017 by vocalist Bart Thompson, Graduating Life started out as a solo project. That year, he released An Introduction to Rock & Roll, and toured the US four times. Over the past year, Graduating Life has grown into more of a full band, and Grad Life is their first official release together. Thompson, along with a few other members of Graduating Life, is also a member of bands such as Mom Jeans. and Just Friends.

Graduating Life is Bart Thompson (vocals), Sam Kless (bass), Austin Carango (drums), Chris Palowitch (keys/trombone), Eric Butler (guitar), and Ryan Ellery (guitar).

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Grad Life Tracklisting:

  1. There’s Only One Way
  2. Family Reunion
  3. Carry A White Flag
  4. It’s Second Year
  5. Don’t Have Kids
  6. Watch You Die!!!
  7. Stinky Man
  8. Victory Song
  9. Your Town Is A Time Capsule
  10. Finale

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