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Meet Africa’s Blaq Diamond

Blaq Diamond gives us a front-row seat on what it feels like to find your better half. A month of love, what better time to have the perfect words to say to the love of your life, why not be Romeo on Juliet, perhaps Bonnie and Clyde, why not get lost in each other’s eyes for eternity. This is what the award-winning duo’s new video is about.

We got the duo to weigh in on a few things!

Tell us about the Blaq Diamond crew!

Blaq Diamond is two songwriters /producers /singers, that are authentic and constantly creating music which is all about Africa, soulful, joy, love, and positivity.

What brought you to the music business?

People from our small Town (Ladysmith 150 ) which is located under the Province KwaZulu Natal, they pushed us to the limits ..they feel well represented by us  because in our music we share information of how a village human think and what they go through on the Daily basis (That’s why we Named our Album “INQOLA” which is “Carriage”  because we carry peoples emotions, thoughts, perspectives and transport it to the World )

What do you get from music?

Music helps us to spread our message in Volumes. It helps us to allow the world to know more about African cultures, we share how we feel through music, it brings joy and allows others to heal and have fun.

Tell us about your current project!

Our project (INQOLA)  is received very well by all the listeners. It passed our expectations because we just wanted to send our authentic message across, but it got us a No.1 spot in the country, Awards nominees, one of the songs Isoka: it’s doing extremely well. Right now we just released visuals of the songs and people are engaging in numbers and they get to understand the craft even better after watching the visuals.

If you had to pick a song from your current project as an introduction, what would that be?

To be Honest every song on our Project is something Unique and they all represent our Narrative. But to be more accurate. Emzini kababa sums up the sound, the feel, the authentic in the music and daily social situations that African people go through.

Tell us about your passions outside of music!

We are passionate about a whole lot of Activities…we love being around our people back home…being around the African mountains and nature just to absorb that inspiration to create more content in our work. Fun activities are of course, exercising by playing soccer in our Free space… jogging and just being a part of the fashion world because it’s part of our lifestyle.

What’s been your craziest “Where they do that at moment?!” thus far in your career?

LOL when we were onstage, a lady just came from the side running and kissed one of us…that was Crazy!! cause the performance was on pause for a minute.

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