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Model Turned Artist Wild B Talks Dropping Her New Visual Mixtape

Wild B Presents a Visual Mixtape as an introduction into a new chapter. Follow her through her Visual Mixtape, as she takes you through 9 different songs and scenes that represent self-reflection, exploration, and acceptance.

As Wild B has been getting reacquainted with music and her voice, she has been trying to put her finger on where she “belongs” in the music genre spectrum. Through vocal coaching, she discovered she has a unique characteristic that she has coined as an “R&B yodel”  (see if you can catch it while you listen). Her voice has grown into a mixture of mainstream pop, a dash of smooth trap, and a sprinkle of 90’s R&B which she showcases in these 9 remixes aka Bmix.

Message from Wild B:

“This visual mixtape was so therapeutic for me as a woman and an artist having a creative brain dump was exactly what I needed and I’m really excited to share it with you. Thank you for being a part of this new chapter with me.

P.S. I’ll be dropping a single in April”.

VEGA:  How did you get the name Wild B?

WILD B: My best friend’s mom (Aunt Tonya) gave me the name Wild Beauty when I was young because she described me as a beautiful free spirit.

VEGA: Who is Wild B?

WILD B: A spiritual being having a human experience.

VEGA: Tell us the type of artist you are and where you get your inspiration from.

WILD B: I’m honestly still exploring my artistry. I can say that my music is a form of therapy for me so my lyrics are very vulnerable and imitate. I grew up listening to Whitney Houston, Musiq Soulchild, and Tamia.

VEGA: Do you still and will you still be up to modeling?

WILD B: Music and modeling go hand and hand so I don’t think I’ll ever completely stop, but the focus will be on my music and the modeling will compliment it when I get shoe/clothes endorsements, etc.

VEGA: Will we see you acting anytime soon?

WILD B: I have never tried that before but I am so open to any opportunities that allow me to explore and grow in that avenue.

VEGA: You are a real DIVA, what other things is Wild B is doing with any clothing or other biz ventures you have going?

WILD B: I definitely have my eyes on doing some clothing and lingerie in the future but that will be a subsidiary to my music.

VEGA: So I’m a real Wild B be fan, tell me how you came about to doing motivation Mondays.

WILD B: The first ever motivation Monday was me giving myself a much-needed pep talk and it resonated with a lot of people and things just went from there.

VEGA: Can you give the readers some quick motivation?

WILD B: Hey you, Yes YOU. Life will knock you around, that’s no secret. But you are strong enough and capable to get through anything that is thrown at you. Don’t let your trials harden your heart. Love harder and more often but carefully. Peace ☮️

VEGA: What about new music, do you have a new single out or coming?

WILD B: I currently have 2 singles out “Roll it up” and “Con Man”. I have another single dropping in April!

VEGA:  Now what we all want to know: SINGLE or Taken LOL?

WILD B: I’m not publicly claiming anyone until I’m SURE and I ain’t sure of shit! Lol! So I’m single as a Pringle.

VEGA: Thank you so much for the quick interview is there anybody you would like to shout out?

WILD B: All the Wild Beauties and Beasts that have grown with me throughout the years. Thank you so much for evolving with me and not putting me in a box. I’ll love you forever.

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