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Published on April 8th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Benny Mayne – Henny

Following the release of his latest offering “ugly”, Toronto-bred artist singer/songwriter benny mayne returns with another track that’s as genuine as it is poetic. Produced by the duo cut&dry and showcasing his dark pop-infused-R&B style, sensual vocals and honest lyrics,“henny”, illustrates the fight we all endure when struggling with the people or things that fulfill our emotional needs for just a moment, and leave us feeling empty inside when it’s all over.
















“It represents a turning point in my life. This song is about losing a fight with temptation. How sometimes the things we love are just straight up bad for us. How too much of a good thing can be deadly, but for a brief moment feel amazing,” benny describes.

The recognition between what he loves and what is unhealthy was a crucial turning point for the singer. The story behind the track represents more than just who benny is as an artist, but moreso, a milestone in the artist’s life, his renewed dedication to music.

“The day i wrote henny i was working a restaurant job in Toronto where i got treated like shit. i ended up having one of those epic “I quit, fuck you!” moments and left work and never went back. I didn’t have any money to take the subway so I walked over an hour in the cold to get home… I didn’t have a real jacket and Toronto is freezing in the winter time. I remember feeling super depressed and thinking if I could just write a dope song then this day wouldn’t be such a loss. I ended up writing “henny”. I also decided that day I wasn’t going to work for anyone ever again and that it was full time music no matter what.”  

benny mayne began making waves in the music industry in 2018 with a slew of standout releases, including his hit track “bounce”, and followed that up with his collab strangers with Atlanta lyricist 24hrs.

For more info on benny mayne, see below:

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