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Daydreaming: A Dreamville Festival Recap

Festivals are a music fans dream. No pun intended. But you really can have the experience of a lifetime. Although this was their first festival, Dreamville seemed to have a lasting impact on festival goers from all over. The festival was fighting an up hill battle early due to the immediate reschedule because of the hurricane last year that found its way to North Carolina. Deep down we’re sure everyone knew the festival would recover but from what we heard people wanted to ensure the line up would stay the same. Finally the new date and schedule was out with the replacement of Young Thug for 21 Savage. The festival was back on!

We got to the festival grounds Saturday to find Dreamville signage everywhere! It was beautiful to see that much love crowded around the creative and flamboyant Dreamville logos strategically placed throughout the park. People were waiting in lines to take pictures with anything that consisted of clouds, flowers, and the world “Dreamville”. The park was bigger than expected but it was perfect for the placement of the two stages, “Rise” & “Shine”. Neither stage held a certain kind of artist, both stages had powerhouse performers that made festival goers run back and forth to make sure they were at least in the crowd. Even with the ground pretty damp and even a muddy to say the least, people powered through it, dirty Yeezy’s and all with the anticipation of a great show.

All the artists had great energy! They came to party and put on a great show. The sets were quick but impactful. Each one bringing out their own set fans that knew every lyric and sang along. Every artists put their all into their performances but there was something about 6lack and Big Sean’s performances really stood out. 6lack and his live band really put on a show and brings a somber yet impactful vibe to the audience. After hearing about Big Sean’s slight stint from music for a self needed time off it was good to see Sean Don hit the stage performing hits with a big smile on his face during the entire set. Big Sean is back ladies and gentleman. Shortly after 21 Savage and Sza did their thing leaving the main event next. As the night grew so did the crowd anticipating the arrival of the man himself, J.Cole. Although it was packed space was created for groups to spread out and dance to the music truly having a great time.

As the sun went down people started to crowd around the Shine stage to see Fayetteville’s own take the stage. It was extremely funny that after some time had passed from waiting patiently a dark tall shadowy figure came to the stage in silence, but his silence just made the crowd suddenly scream and cheer for the “GOAT” himself. It was Cole World time. Dropping the beat for his newest single Middle Child, the crowd erupted even more. After thanking the audience for coming out, Cole went back to back with hits and the crowds hands were up with their phones and jumping all over the place. He of course brought out 21 savage to perform their hit, “A lot”. Of course further into the show Cole shed light on the recent unfortunate passing of THE GREAT Nipsey Hussle by performing Love Yours that had the participation of the crowd with every phone light dancing in the night sky. After giving a speech about giving people their flowers while they were here he blind sided the audience by bringing out Meek Mill. The crowd went crazy. Cole did it! Not only did he have an amazing set but he put together something that hopefully can become a tradition and will be memorable for fans for years to come. Dreamville fest was a success, and was everything we expected. We could have done without the muddy grounds, but anything for J.Cole. Well done Dreamville. We can’t wait to see what’s next.


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