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Published on April 11th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Justin Sanchez Is Full of Surprises In “Mystery Man”

Singer-songwriter Justin Sanchez is bound to no genre. His latest single, “Mystery Man” proves that. The title is fitting, as it’s something we’ve never heard before, but is something that will definitely get stuck in your head by the time it’s finished.

“Mystery Man” tells the story of Sanchez taking his own path and putting everything into the music industry. He started his career in music at the age of 17 after writing his first full song. Right after it was written, he went straight to the studio and hasn’t stopped producing since.

“Mystery Man” has an infectious beat circulating throughout. Slowly adding more elements the songs builds up to more complexities. The lyrics are fun catchy and Sanchez takes complete control over the beat, bringing us to whatever direction he wants us to be in. This track is just one example of how versatile his music is.

Justin Sanchez has released a variety of singles over the past few months each sounding different from the last. Singles like “No Expiration” is more upbeat, fun and bright, whereas “Movin On” is a down-tempo, motivational track. Sanchez prides himself on the independence of his music, “Everything I create is done by myself. When I make a song on my own I am so much more connected to who I am.”  

“It’s a different type of life that I’m living on,” Sanchez sings at the top of the track. With his different style and approach to music, he’s someone to keep your eye on with his next release.

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