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Published on April 11th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


South African Alt-Pop Artist Bijou Bijou Tells Her Secret In New Single “Thing For You”

South African alt-pop artist, Bijou Bijou, has released her new single “Thing For You”. A chill track with all the feelings of summer, “Thing For You” takes listeners to the shores of the beach, bars along the road–and secret crushes.

In “Thing For You”, Bijou Bijou sheds light on her insecurity regarding her paralyzing shyness toward anyone she may find attractive, which anyone could relate to. “I got a thing for you,”

she sings– a “secret [she’d]  like to share”, keeping it to herself until she decides to shoot her shot. The simplistic lyrics lend the spotlight to the beautiful production and hypnotizing vocals by Bijou Bijou, in sum making a perfect kick-back track for spring.

Bijou Bijou, a.k.a. Kirsten Skopelitis, was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, but she’s ready to take on the world. When she’s not creating new music, Bijou Bijou can be found exploring the beach and the city, or practicing and teaching yoga. The start to her musical journey is quite unique, as she decided to start manifesting her dreams into reality after an interesting discussion and revelation with a fortune teller.

Bijou Bijou the artist was born when she and a friend were discussing music and stage names (perhaps over some wine). Her friend suggested the name Bijou for its meaning of “small and elegant” or “intricate jewel”. Using her signature dream/indie-pop flair, Bijou Bijou creates music reminiscent of artists like Beach House, LAUV, and Lana Del Rey. The artist’s twist on dream pop mixed with island vibes results in a track guaranteed to get stuck on repeat in your head, in the best way.

“Thing For You” was written and performed by Bijou Bijou and produced by Wesley van der Westhuizen. It was recorded at Wesley West Music in Linden, Gauteng, South Africa. The track follows the massively successful release of the single “California Calls” in 2018. That track currently sits at over 147K plays and has been featured on prominent playlists such as Spotify’s New Music Friday. These, along with her 2018 EP Seratonin Screen, are available for streaming now.

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