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Who Is Australia’s Papithbk?

Papithbk (Label Submitted)

Bio: Papithbk born 4th of September 1999 is an Australian musician best known for his hits such as “Love is a drug,” “Sad Nibba Hours,” and “Why Am I Waiting.” The versatile artist who really took the scene by storm early 2019 has been shown love by musicians such as DAX, Trippie and XXXTentacion commented on his first video showing him love “Spittin Fye, But you gon find love”. Papi is one of 2 artists apart of a collective known as TeamKuei which was founded by Kuei Kuei.

Papi released his project entitled “EP” on the 29th of March with Sad Nibba Hours as the leading single which generated over 500,000 streams the first week. The EP consists of 7 songs, Where did you go?, Sad Nibba Hours, Blue and Yellow Freestyle, Savage Mode, Proud, XO, and Peepin.

Papithbk’s “EP” is a cool ride with lots to offer musically. The project’s flow is smooth as butter and fun at the same time. The Hype Magazine got Papithbk to weigh in on a few things! ~ JD

From the outside looking in, who is PAPITHBK?

I’m a young African Australian musician/entrepreneur with an inordinate passion for music. I work hard to make sure I put out the best music. Music helped me a lot when trying to learn English after moving to an English speaking country. I discovered hip-hop music from my older brother and I fell in love with it straight away. I began listening to lil Wayne and I started to understand wordplay and a plethora of other techniques to do with English and musical lyricism.

What brought you to the entertainment industry?

What brought me into the entertainment industry was rap. My older brother showed me Rap music when I was younger and I fell in love with it. Later on, I started uploading videos and although it was a bumpy start, I ended up making a fan base and later started working with my manager Kuei and here we are haha.

What do you get from music?

Music gives me a way of expressing myself, letting things off my chest, and connecting with other people in a more productive way.

Current Project:

EP  is my first project and it took me a while to put together because I’m a perfectionist. It speaks out on issues and brings new thoughts and styles of music within rap that is to do with my life and everyday life. it drops on the 29th of March and I’m so excited to see how people feel about it.

For New Listeners:

For new listeners, I would recommend listening to

  • Love is a drug
  • Sad Nibba Hours
  • Savage mode

Work and passions outside of music:

My work and passions outside of music are keeping fit, being with friends and family, and talking to fans.

Craziest wtf moment :

My craziest wtf moment was recent actually. I got longer braids done recently and I was staying at an Asian friend of mine’s house and his mother had made a spaghetti dinner for us. We were eating with chopsticks and one of my braids went in my noodles without me knowing ad I choked on the braid because it wouldn’t go down my throat as the braid was still attached to my head so I was just sitting there helplessly choking and looking like an absolute idiot for a second and pulled my braid out my mouth and burped…


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