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Published on May 12th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Tony Montana and Elan Wright – Got Geeked

From music powerhouses Elan Wright and Ruby Room Music, comes the studio debut for rapper Tony Montana, Got GeekedThe spacey title track from the full-length album follows the underground success of the single “I Hate School”, which branded the artist with a combination of youthful whim and conscious grit.

Struggling through the education system is something we all can identify with and the track reverberates Tony Montana’s defiance against the pressures associated with college.

The majority of this album was written during his hiatus from higher education, following a lengthy suspension. Equipped with a new perspective, Tony eventually went back to college and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science.

Got Geeked was later produced in Seattle with the help of, Elan Wright, who co-directs Ruby Room, a Seattle studio he and Nima “Skeemz” Abbassi studio took over back in 2013 from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Some of the best new music coming from Seattle has come out of the 600 square foot establishment.

While stressed-out students who can relate to Tony Montana have racked up 100,000 streams on “I Hate School” across North America and England, bloggers and playlist curators alike are taking notice.  Got Geeked is poised to make waves in West Coast hip hop.

Click below to listen!

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