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Published on July 26th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Gnarl3y Boyz Juggle “Groupi3” Life In Their New Single

Hip Hop trio Gnarl3y Boyz, hailing from Charlotte, NC, consisting of brothers Dash, Jelani and Jawara have released their latest single “Groupi3”. “Groupi3” follows their earlier 2019 singles “Slim Thick”, “Gnarly Boys”, and “Static” and is being released only a few months after their debut album Gnarly Talk. The song starts out almost country-esque, evoking Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”. One of the brothers kicks off the song with his bars playfully mocking girls who latch onto them for their “clout”. As described by one of the brothers, “This was probably one of the fastest songs we ever made, we came home to our friends place one day while being out here in LA from a club and was talking about how all the girls who was with a date would walk up to us and ask who we are and constantly be in our face.

Their journey began when the trio took the daring decision to book a one-way ticket to California. While on the West Coast, the boys lived from couch to couch with friends while working odd jobs to make ends meet. But their situation soon turned sour as they were kicked out of their friend’s place and left homeless. The brothers applied to apartments however were denied due to bad credit from student loan debt. Despite these tumultuous events, the three men still managed to hold down jobs, find coffee shops to work on their music in, and attend networking events with smiles on their faces, never letting on the dire straits they were in. Soon after, the boys were able to get back on their feet, living from Airbnb’s and ultimately finding a great apartment. 

Fast forward, the hard work and dedication paid off as the boys got the opportunity to perform at The Juneteenth Festival, Nascar Speed Street Festival, and No Jumper Live Stream Los Angeles. It is their unwavering commitment to music that has given them reason to keep pushing through.

Listen to “Groupi3” above and stay tuned for new releases from Gnarl3y Boyz coming soon.

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