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Marie Augustine: #WE French Connection

Marie Augustine was born in 1973 in the French state of Martinique in the Caribbean West Indies, but was raised in Paris, France. Marie Augustine, 46, was born to a loving middle class family and was raised by her protective mother, and now late grandmother. Her background was an old fashioned traditional and religious one; but nevertheless, Marie knew exactly who and what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Marie knew exactly who and what
she wanted to be when she grew up.

She had her dreams. She wanted to be a flight attendant, but her grandmother opposed, because her grandmother was afraid of plane crashes. So Marie decided to become a singer, but that choice made her mother cry because her mother did not want her to be an entertainment star. So Marie decided to become a Fashion Designer, but her mother insisted she become a secretary. So Marie relented and tried that, but that did not work out. So Marie Augustine pressed on to become a Fashion Designer.

She studied in Paris, France and made her dream come true. Marie was a fashion contestant at a fashion show that was held at in Paris La Cigale, where she won second place. Not bad for a first time fashion designer.

Marie Augustine then held her very first fashion show in Martinique and featured plus sized models who wore her line of wedding and evening gowns, and the show was successful.

Marie Augustine came to the United States in 2004 where she became a student studying special effects make-up at a Los Angeles make-up school, from which she graduated. Marie has since learned how to also create and design beauty products, soaps and candles, as well as continuing her fashion designing.

Today Marie has her own company called Creative Wealth Funding Services, LLC. She wants to use this company in many creative ways. Marie Augustine is a believer that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. She is a “go-getter” and once she starts a project, she sticks with it to fruition.

Marie Augustine is a believer that
if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Marie Augustine met #WE creator, Lowell Beasley, over the phone in early 2019. Together they forged a #WE Gifts online brand showcasing Marie’s designs at

Marie Augustine is now V.P of the #WE Movement and is helping to create large events, funding, fashion shows and designs; both for #WE and her own brands.

Marie Augustine Interview

What does Women Empowerment mean to you? What IS “Women Empowerment”? Tell me what it IS and what it ISN’T.

To me it’s more than a powerful title in itself. To me it means that whatever we are going through in this thing we call life, we are not alone. We have a network of support, we don’t have to deal with our problems and situation in the dark by ourselves.

What #WE is not, is a place where you will feel left out or belittled by your peers.

What is your place in all this?

I am humbled and feel privileged to be able to contribute to the #WE cause. Being a woman myself and witnessing at a young age the plight of other women like me being victims of domestic violence, bullyism and sexism; I decided to make it my mission to uplift and make women feel good about themselves.

#MeToo… Tell me what you think they have meant positively and/or negatively to our culture?

The #MeToo is welcome in my book. It helps many women to finally come forward to face their fear about revealing that they have been sexually assaulted. I completely support this movement.

This “It’s your words against mine” culture from sexual perverts needs to stop. And this is where #MeToo comes into play to serve as a shield against retaliation towards the victims of this heinous crimes. #WE and #MeToo are both sister soldiers.

Has #MeToo failed to rise in its potential in your opinion? If so, where and how?

#MeToo is still recent – it still has a long way to go, but it’s slowly getting there and getting better.

You are known for your “no holding back” opinions, do you have an intolerance for today’s cultural political correctness?

Exactly, yes. Anyone who knows me acknowledges to others that I am a “Don’t bullshit me” type of woman. I have zero, nada, zilch, jack-shit tolerance for lies, betrayal, bullshit and stupidity. I am a “no nonsense” person.

Do you get attacked a lot on social media because you are an outspoken female?

Not that much, but it happens from time to time … but I am always fighting back.

What is your culture? Are you French? American?

I am French. But I love the American culture.

What are your goals and dreams to accomplish right now?

I have so many, if only I could add more fingers to my hands to count them. Ha ha ha

As a woman, what are your greatest challenges right now?

My greatest challenge is to find the strength sometimes to keep on pushing. Sometimes discouragement kicks in and I stop for a while then procrastinate a little, but I get back up and keep on going – it’s just the time it takes me to get back up and catch-up where I left off.

What is your greatest strength? And what is your greatest liability?

My greatest strength is my resilience. My greatest liability is my procrastinating attitude after a setback. I definitely need to loose that attitude and I am working on it.

How did you get involved in #WE?

Through meeting a friend on Facebook who sent me the information about it. And I fell in love with the cause.

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