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Published on July 25th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Money Man Delivers His Latest Track “Foul”

2018 saw five projects out of an artist who’s trying to make the claim as being the hardest working rapper, Money Man. Money Man is already one project in for 2019 with “Paranoia“, a 25 track project released in May. Money Man released the latest visual off of the project, in “Foul”. The video which is shot in LA shows a sneak peek into a day in Money Man’s life.

Knowing how dedicated Money Man is to releasing projects at a rapid rate there is no telling the next time we’ll get a project from him. In the meantime check out the Foul visual below.

The Atlanta rapper first made a splash on the mixtape circuit back in 2016 with his Black Circle series, with his most notable song being “How It Feel,” yet Money Man moves like someone who’s a 10-year vet in the industry. After catching his buzz, Money Man signed with Cash Money Records in 2017 but eventually found it not conducive to how he wanted to go about his career. So the then-new rapper with a shiny new record deal, put up $250,000 to get out of that contract.

Money Man said Cash Money’s decision to remove his music from all streaming platforms was the “one of the final nails in the coffin” when it came to parting ways with the label. “I just left because my [signing] wasn’t helping me. It wasn’t bettering my situation. Whatever I felt like they could do at the time, I could do myself. When they took my music down from streaming platforms, that was one of the final nails in the coffin because I was like ‘I gotta go ahead and get myself out of this situation before it messes up my income.’ So I went ahead and rectified them and got everything back up and running.

“But I was already planning on leaving, about four, five months in. I just felt like being independent at the time because it was like, I might as well. I was already winning independently. But now, if they come with a lot of money we can work something out. As long as the paperwork look good. A lot of people worry about that later.”

In an August 2018 interview with Pitchfork, Money Man-who releases music exclusively via digital distribution services like Tunecore and YouTube-said he enjoys the flexibility of being an indie artist vs. being signed to a major record label. “If I record the song right now, I can drop it on YouTube right now, and I’m going to get paid for it,” he said. “I got an in-house mixer. If he takes too long, I just put it out rough, so people can feel the realness of the song.”

Money Man says rap is far from an endpoint for him, and he’s just getting started with his dream of one day becoming a billionaire like Jay-Z.

“I look at rap as a doorway to becoming a billionaire,” he told Pitchfork. “It attracts different types of people for me to do business with, find out new things. It’s like holding a key right now.”

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