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Published on July 25th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Musician & Activist Stam Goody Releases Ep. 1 of 6-Part Docuseries ‘If Anything Happens…’

Lyricist/Singer-Songwriter Stam Goody releases the premiere episode of his 6-part docuseries, entitled, ‘If Anything Happens…’. The series follows Stam’s journey home to Camden, New Jersey & Wilmington, DE where he allows viewers into his family’s story and gives them a look at the environment he grew up in. Stam’s family & friends give one-on-one interviews exemplifying the critical junctures and decisions that have shaped Stam into the artist & man he is today.

Stam’s vision for the series is to open up his family as a case study, hoping to break the chains of generational trauma by promoting an environment for open expression and solidifying a healthier foundation in moves towards legacy.

“If Anything Happens…” is a phrase that was used a lot in my family. We lived in environments and circumstances that always had an omnipresent sense of danger and angst,” Stam Goody explains. “I wanted to take the phrase and turn it into something more universal, positive and open ended. That’s why there’s an ellipsis at the end of it. What does this phrase mean to you? How does or can it apply to your life? Even while hearing what it meant to mine.”

Executive produced by Stam and his label partners, Saint Louis and James Jackson, of GoodVibesCARTEL and directed by Christian Nolan Jones, Stam hopes the series will serve as a therapeutic precedent and become a gateway to starting conversations with one’s own family.

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Stam Goody’s art in many ways is a reflection of the moments that punctuate his life. In 2015, Pigeons & Planes compared Stam Goody to Kayne West. He made good on that introduction by cementing his arrival in 2018 with the critically acclaimed debut single “CLUTCH” and being profiled as a ‘Discovered on Apple Music’ artist by Ebro Darden, with the song amassing over 1.5 million streams to date. The pulsating track and it’s poignant visual would be selected as Vimeo “Staff Pick of the Week, and then go on to win the 2018 LA Film Festival ‘Audience Award for Best Music Video.’ Following that up with his debut EP ‘Defining Moments,’ which would go onto accumulate over 2.5 million streams. On release of his latest single “Better Blues,” TIDAL featured him as their Rising Hip-Hop Artist of the Week. With Apple Music also adding the single to its prominent playlists such as BARS and Street Politics.

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