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Boxing’s Bright Future: Omar Juarez Returns To The Ring On August 24Th!

Omar Juarez is 4-0 with 2-knockouts and he is determined to put Brownsville, Texas on the boxing map!

El Relampago, translation, “The Lightning,” perfectly fits the Brownsville, Texas native. At only 20-years old, Juarez is a devastating body puncher with both hands and is rapidly becoming one of the hot prospects in the super lightweight division just 4-fights into his career. Juarez was a highly decorated amateur and won several national championships while being ranked in the top 10 of USA Boxing. His journey began when he was just 8-years old and after turning pro in 2018, he has turned many heads in his first four pro bouts. On August 24th, he will be back in the ring against, Gino de la Paz in a 4-rounder in Houston, Texas. Omar is a part of the prominent PBC team!

I caught up with, El Relampago to discuss his upcoming fight, the importance of staying active as well as what we can expect from him on his ascension to the top of the sport.

How are you doing, Omar?

Omar Juarez: I’m doing very good; camp is going awesome and am physically and mentally in the best shape of my life.

You have fought 3-times this year and coming right back on August 24th. How important is it for you to remain active like this?

Omar Juarez:  I love the feeling of fighting every other month. Keeping me active is keeping me focused and in shape at all times which means I don’t need to get ready because I stay ready.

To fight this often you obviously are constantly in the gym. Who is your trainer and in what area do you feel you have improved in the most from fight to fight?

Omar Juarez: I train for 3 weeks in Brownsville with my father Rudy Juarez and then 3 weeks with Rick Nunez in San Antonio. I feel like I’ve improved in the feeling of the 8-ounce gloves. It is very different hitting and getting hit with them and I’m only adapting more and more every fight.

You are 4-0 with 2-knockouts. What have you learned the most about yourself on a mental level during your first 4-fights as a professional?

Omar Juarez: Mentally, since the beginning, I’ve always told myself that I’m destined for greatness. Every fight I gain more and more confidence and once I really get comfortable, the whole world will see me skills and know who I am.

What are some of the things you want to put on display on the 24th

Omar Juarez: My speed and power. Every fight I train not to just to win, but to dominate and that’s exactly what will happen on the 24th.

For people who aren’t yet familiar with you, what style do you bring to the table? What can people expect when they watch a, Omar Juarez fight?

Omar Juarez: I love to hit and not get hit as well as working the body.

You compete at 140-pounds, but you are only 20-years old. Do you feel this will be the weight class where you make your mark or is the weight somewhat difficult to make and we could expect you to move to welterweight soon?

Omar Juarez: I feel that after a few fights, depending on my body, I will go down to 135 and work my way up the ranks there or just stay at 140.

Who are your boxing influences? Are there any fighters out there who you watched a lot coming up?

Omar Juarez: I loved watching Roy Jones Jr. My family and I are huge fans of Roy and I always looked up to him as a fighter.

I look forward to seeing the progression and watching you grow as a fighter. Before I let you go, is there anything else that you would like to add?

Omar Juarez: I’m slowly working my way up the ladder of success and one day the world will know who El Relampago is.


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