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Published on August 28th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


C.J. Green Is Here to Stay, Releases “Talk About Now”

Atlanta rapper C.J. Green has established a reputation among his peers as being creative, transparent and versatile with his music. Perhaps his gift of innovation stems from a childhood of uncertainty and frequent moves between different households and family members. He is accustomed to change and grappling with emotions. Therefore, in a city flooded with talent, the 23 year-old is confident he can set himself apart from his contemporaries with his unique sound and perspective – some of which is heard on his latest single, Talk About Now.’

The track, produced by D-fresh Beatz, is about leaving the masses of women behind and taking the steps to make it work with the girl he wants to settle down with.

“Every song that I do is a story about what I have experienced personally, or it is about the experiences of my friends or someone else,” he said.  “Most of my songs are known for being lyrical, but ‘Talk About Now’ is a love song, a feel good song. So far it is getting a lot of love.”

Music has always been a passion of Green’s since he was young. He initially drew inspiration and a love for storytelling from legends like Jay-Z, Nas and 2Pac. Now, artists such as Meek Mill, J. Cole, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, T.I., Big Krit, Chris Brown and Khalid are people he admires for their realness, music making ability and overall craftsmanship.

As a teenager, Green was making his own music and then began working with an A&R, learning aspects of the business.  After a few years, he decided to take his music career seriously and launch his dreams on his own. His goal is to be a true artist respected for his ability to write and make music that resonates with his listeners, while maintaining his own identity. That is the impact he wants songs like  ‘Talk About Now’ to have.  He points out that fans will hear “real hip hop” and often find elements of jazz in his songs.

He hints that consistent content is on the way.

“Right now, I think my single is doing pretty good,” Green said. “After I make my mark with this, I am going to put out a different single every three weeks. I think that is the better approach than putting out mixtapes and wasting money. You have to make people want to buy an album by releasing singles that they want to hear.”

To keep up with C.J. Green, follow him on Instagram at @cjgreentho and also on soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/charles-jacob-greenisen-jr.


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